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Re: Dang have to settle for 3

August 27, 2016 04:32PM
Lots to like on that drive

I don't know why the Rams never seem to go for the jugular and throw to the endzone right away... I'd love to see that change

  This is the first game that the run hasn't been clicking for Case.

Saguaro198August 27, 2016 04:20PM

  Re: Nice run by BC there!

Speed_Kills107August 27, 2016 04:27PM

  Case dropped it in perfectly.

Saguaro85August 27, 2016 04:28PM

  Re: Zone read pass to Higbee

Speed_Kills95August 27, 2016 04:29PM

  Fun play, let's see what they do in the Redzone nm

Saguaro85August 27, 2016 04:30PM

  Re: Dang have to settle for 3

Speed_Kills92August 27, 2016 04:32PM

  Is that one of the six? lol? nm

Saguaro80August 27, 2016 04:31PM

  Ha! (nm)

Suh-weet!78August 27, 2016 04:32PM

  Re: lmbo! Nm

Speed_Kills77August 27, 2016 04:35PM