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The looming National lockdown........

March 21, 2020 04:42PM
Much, much nicer than Marshall Law......

Setting the stage...
In Arkansas now, the Ozarks, small town, the county seat, the only cosmopolitan metropolis for miles, pop. 466.
! grocery store, 1 Dollar General, 2 gas stations, 1 feed store for the whole county (really).

So Thursday night, sundown, we are walking the dogs, 1 - 1 1/2 out then in, state highway #327..
didn't see a car, not one person (not that there are a hell of a lot anyways) .
We get into bed at 7:00, our regular time (up at 5:00) and wiffie says
"we did not see anyone, nothing are we under lock down yet"
"don't know, besides I'm not sure we could tell the difference......LOL

Everybody be Healthy
Sure would miss some of you ______.
Even the one's that don't like me.........Goodluck Smiley

  The looming National lockdown........

Arkansas Ram35March 21, 2020 04:42PM

  Authorities have threatened me for years with lock downs because of my jokes!

Ramgator8March 22, 2020 03:33AM

  We's all good in Dis Neighborhood..

sstrams13March 22, 2020 06:29AM