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You would think my daughter would have learned by now...

October 31, 2019 03:48AM
but no, apparently not. I opened the pantry door yesterday and saw a GIANT package of candy on the top shelf... and it had a note taped to it - "DO NOT OPEN". Goodluck Smiley

Seeing that note gave me the giggles. I mean... did she REALLY think it would be effective?

I opened the giant package of candy.

Lo and behold... I didn't eat any... but it wasn't her note that put me off... I laughed that off instantly. It was her selection of candy. Never before have I seen a more poorly selected choice of sweets.... every candy I hate was in the package and not ONE of the thousands I actually like.

Lets start with the worst... Candy Corn, or is it Korn? Those things are inedible.

Gel candies... like gummy bears, (not the THC ones)... I don't 'hate' them but I certainly don't like them. Put a gummy bear next to an almond joy and if you see a person pick the gummy bear then you should immediately remove that person from your life. I can get down DOTS but I don't enjoy it.

Tootsie Rolls..the most mysterious of all. They are awful... but I will eat them. I don't know why... little masochism in me?

Those sugar coated sour thingies - another 'gel' abomination.

Went thru the entire package and not an edible treat in the mix... not one. My youngest grandson did, (we were in this caper together). Hell, I think he ate the note. - JamesJM

  You would think my daughter would have learned by now...

JamesJM72October 31, 2019 03:48AM

  She had you figured out...

sstrams40October 31, 2019 04:23AM