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Eating challenges

October 26, 2019 07:26PM
You know like Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest they show on TV every 4th of July. I stumbled across this youtube channel of this guy that travels around and defeats all these previously undefeated Eating challenges.

I just don't understand how people are able to do these, I don't even understand the physics involved. Many years ago I tried to eat a 2 lb. cheese burger and couldn't do it. (Wasn't a challenge just a menu item).

I know when I was in high school there was a local place that had a 6lb cheese burger challenge that as far as I know, no one defeated.

Any of you ever try any of these or have any in your area that you've seen?

  Eating challenges

SeattleRam105October 26, 2019 07:26PM

  Re: Eating challenges

RAMbeau67October 30, 2019 05:56PM

  Overeating is miserable....

JamesJM55October 31, 2019 03:24AM

  Re: Eating challenges

MamaRAMa58October 31, 2019 04:08AM