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Facebook hunts you down.... (related to music)

October 08, 2019 04:56AM
I guess it was 2, maybe 3 year's ago that I grew tired and bored with Facebook.... never a big user of Facebook I gradually phased it out. Today I check in maybe once a week, or less, and then only for the few 'groups' I belong too... old classmates, fellow thespians, and such.

But you can't escape it. Now people are 'sending' me meme's, email or text, knowing I don't visit Facebook much. laughing smiley Thus I received this one this morning... and I have to admit I kind of liked it.

Lot of truth in that meme... in fact, it's mostly truth. I think the value of the 'car' is a bit exaggerated down. And the $50 per gig is very low for me, I make much more than that... BUT... I think it's probably right on the money as the 'average'.... I know many musicians who play for that much and less. Occasionally we have a 'sit in' with our band for certain gigs and they are always shocked by how much we get paid.

Also the 100 mile drive to the gig is VERY low for me.... but that's because I live on Easter Island... for most I think it's accurate.

Anyway... thought my fellow musicians would like this. - JamesJM

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JamesJM79October 08, 2019 04:56AM

  And Alexa does listen.........

Arkansas Ram21October 10, 2019 06:43AM