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Youth Football and NFL Football...

October 07, 2019 10:46AM
this time of year always strikes me as odd... because while the NFL is only just beginning Youth Football, to include High School, has a mere 3 weeks left in regular season... the playoffs after that, of course.

Seen the new florescent pink penalty flags? They are quite bright... a lot more visible than the yellow flags... and I think the officials are very proud of them going by how many times they throw them, (yes, penalties are up drastically in youth football as well as the NFL). Friday night in our JV game there were 6, count em', 6 flags WAVED OFF and this just in the 1st Quarter. I counted, I have the game on video.

Grandson outlook for the playoffs - bleak! Winning out would do it, that ain't going to happen... BUT... 2 wins out of the final 3 puts us 'borderline'. it won't be easy.

BTW, Gavin had a good game after a couple very down games... he went 10-15 for 153 and 4 passing TD's. Zero Int's. He's almost certainly a lock for 1st All League QB. - JamesJM

  Youth Football and NFL Football...

JamesJM58October 07, 2019 10:46AM