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Didn't have that one..

September 10, 2019 01:13PM
Of course you know my favorite was always the Vertibird:

Some of my other favorites were:

The Strange Change Machine, which would NEVER fly today (too dangerous) but was so cool - heat to unfold plastic creatures and then squish them back:

Aurora Derby (Don Adams from Get Smart).. horse race game where you shot a metal ball through a hole with a spring lever to advance your horse:

Of course, my HO trains:

..and even down to the simple Barrel of Monkeys:

Stuff I wanted, but never got was:

Mousetrap - which my life seems to be all about, now.. I touch one thing and a cosmic event of epic proportions unfolds just like this game.. Don't believe me? Come move something in my closet, sometime..:

Rock'em Sock'em Robots, Twister, Operation and so many others.. but I had great toys - I could have just lived with the Vertibird and the trains...
The site told me I couldn't load anymore pics

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  Did anyone have the game "Battle Ball"...in early / mid 70s?

Ramgator62September 10, 2019 09:58AM

  Didn't have that one.. Attachments

sstrams28September 10, 2019 01:13PM