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I'm fickle when it comes to drumsticks...

September 02, 2019 08:09AM
I have no loyalty, allegiance. My main criteria when I buy new is size, over manufacturer. I always have two sizes... a fatter size, (which I used the most), and then a thinner set for songs that require more nuance and not as much volume. That may change now because 'volume' is no longer an issue with an electronic kit.

What I like most are LONG sticks... but they are rare. And finding a long set in the right thickness is very difficult.

I suppose I've used just about every brand of drumsticks out there over the years. Yup, I have some Vic Firth's in my bag right now... but not the generals. I have gradually progressed over the years to a fatter stick.... although I simply cannot use the very fat ones favored by many heavy rock drummers. I currently use 5B's but I'm rather picky...they are slightly too thick for me... 8D's are perfect but Fresno, all stores combined, have 8D's available about as often and Haley's Comet comes around.

Now is when you tell me to 'buy online'.... very wise, very very wise. Doesn't work... I only remember to buy new drumsticks the day AFTER the day when they would arrive in time for the gig. laughing smiley

  JamesJM I have your solution..

sstrams51September 02, 2019 06:59AM


JamesJM28September 02, 2019 07:41AM

  I think you misread..

sstrams26September 02, 2019 07:53AM

  I'm fickle when it comes to drumsticks...

JamesJM25September 02, 2019 08:09AM

  I'm fickle with guitar strings and picks.. Attachments

sstrams37September 02, 2019 08:31AM