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Re: Every year..

August 10, 2019 07:31AM
Don't know man.
I tried about 20 sites and all of them stated "not accessible in the us or uk.
Then my antivirus popped up with a message saying "blocked blacklist.url " on just about all of them.
May be a thing of the past, sorry to say.
I'm just gonna listen to the preseason games on the radio and watch youtube the next day.
I'm good to go once the season starts, but man I sure enjoy watching the "kids" play in the preseason.

  Need help w/ nfl streaming online.....

Arkansas Ram102August 09, 2019 10:43AM

  Every year..

sstrams70August 09, 2019 11:13AM

  Re: Every year..

Arkansas Ram45August 10, 2019 07:31AM

  When I get around..

sstrams38August 10, 2019 08:41AM

  Re: Every year..

MamaRAMa74August 10, 2019 08:54AM

  Done.. wow, had no idea..

sstrams39August 10, 2019 10:19AM

  Re: Every year..

zn41August 10, 2019 01:07PM

  Re: Every year..

MamaRAMa46August 10, 2019 01:16PM

  Re: Every year..

zn42August 11, 2019 09:18PM

  Thanks all.....nm

Arkansas Ram33August 10, 2019 08:59AM

  Re: Need help w/ nfl streaming online.....

ferragamo7963August 11, 2019 02:12PM