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Re: A very sad day - No more beer for me

August 06, 2019 04:32PM
I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease probably 10-12 years ago. At the time, I kept hearing they are coming out with a lot more gluten free options. I'd say they've come out with a whole lot more since then, now almost every pizzeria has a gluten free crust, Italian restaurants have gluten free pasta... neither of those were common back then. In fact, almost every restaurant has a gluten free menu except for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

You can find a lot of gluten free options at specialty stores like Akins or Whole Foods if they are in your area... but you don't have to shop there, even Walmart has a small section, and while they are probably not in your area, Reasors Foods and Braums around here have some.

The only thing I really miss that I haven't found AT ALL is a good chicken fried steak. I've never tried making one from gluten free flour, but then I never tried making one from wheat flour either.

I really enjoyed reading Elisabeth Hasselbeck's book shortly after I was diagnosed... you might like it.


And this video is hilarious.... it might be even funnier a few months or even a couple of years from now...


Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, it IS a pain that will require significant adjustment but it can be worked around. Give me a yell if I can help in any way.

~Sign of the Rams

  A very sad day - No more beer for me

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  Mama said it best...

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  Re: A very sad day - No more beer for me

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