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Remember me and medicine? A Drug that works?

July 09, 2019 09:39AM
I just may have to admit to my wife that she was right and I was wrong. This won't be pleasant. laughing smiley

First of all... I don't really believe, or I should say 'trust', in many medications. Placebo's for the most part, IMHO. So when my wife told me she bought some marijuana oil, I think it's CBD?, and put it on her back pain with SUCCESS I was quite sarcastic about it... "yeah, right, you're just high".

Well, I have some arthritis in my neck.. old age, not horrible but some days quite annoying. Today I relented... because my wife was relentless in getting me to try it. I applied it about ½ hour ago and the pain is NOT gone, or the limited movement, BUT... it IS better. Noticeably better.

It's too bad... just got back from Oregon where I could have purchased that oil.

So no, I'm not recommending it... any number of things could have relieved the pain/restricted movement other than the oil... BUT... who knows? Maybe it's the oil... I'm keeping an open mind now.

One bad thing, make that VERY bad thing.. the smell. Good GRIEF... it's horrible. Think muscle ointments... I won't be able to put this stuff on in public or I'll suffocate everyone within 50' of me. - JamesJM

  Remember me and medicine? A Drug that works?

JamesJM41July 09, 2019 09:39AM

  Re: Remember me and medicine? A Drug that works?

Arkansas Ram20July 09, 2019 02:22PM