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Re: I'm tired...

July 08, 2019 09:58AM
there was a day, not all that long ago... when 500, 600, 700, even a thousand miles driving in a day didn't bother me in the least. That's no longer true. I'm exhausted. 701 miles yesterday... I may sleep for a week.

BUT... did see some beautiful, and majestic, country. From Paulina, Oregon to home.... center of Oregon south too Weed, Calif. then I5 home.... I should have skipped the I5 part and taken 395 then crossed over on Tioga Pass... of course, that would have added many miles.

Odd to say but I enjoyed seeing fog during summertime. From Bend, Oregon nearly to Weed there was light to dense fog.

So anyway, my plan for today is to nap, until bedtime, with periodic bathroom breaks. - JamesJM

I will never forget the first time I drove the northern californa coast highway. I see it frequently on tv to this day because it is one of the most common places to film car commercials.

I never made it to Oregon but here is one of the Oregon coast, and one of the northern California coast.

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  I'm tired...

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