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"The Bone".

July 02, 2019 07:31AM
IOW the "B-1" I also saw it before it became "public". Driving by myself up the I-15 just before it meets the 395 on my way to Lake Tahoe. Sometime in the late 70s. Around 5:pm and close to dark (winter). This "thing" (that's what I told my wife) came right over the top of my car. I pulled over, got out and watched it disappear. When I got to the resort I called her and told her I saw a UFO. She told me to quit drinking. So I immediately went down to the bar and began talking to anyone that would listen. One person said he had seen the "Lancer" (what he called the B-1)once before as well. I said yeah but this thing was like right on top of my car and he said that's what its designed for. When the eventual photos became public I knew that was what I had seen. Probably from Edwards as that wasn't that far away from where it "attacked" me and my little BMW.

  Bob Lazar and UFO's

Atlantic Ram81July 01, 2019 03:45AM

  I wouldn't say I'm the opposite....but....

JamesJM34July 01, 2019 05:09AM

  I want to believe it but I just can't

Atlantic Ram25July 01, 2019 06:56PM

  I agree with you that...

JamesJM31July 01, 2019 07:18PM

  I don't know... but it's a great story

Atlantic Ram21July 02, 2019 08:09PM

  "The Bone".

waterfield34July 02, 2019 07:31AM

  I don't believe a word of it and am not even tempted

zn31July 02, 2019 06:00AM

  But that leaves somewhat open the question...

JamesJM48July 02, 2019 06:51AM

  Re: But that leaves somewhat open the question...

zn34July 02, 2019 07:23AM

  So just a little digging..

Atlantic Ram23July 02, 2019 08:22PM

  Re: So just a little digging..

zn33July 02, 2019 09:08PM

  Seriously folks-aliens exist

waterfield30July 02, 2019 07:53AM

  i believe you

Atlantic Ram27July 02, 2019 08:26PM