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But that leaves somewhat open the question...

July 02, 2019 06:51AM
"not for you"... don't mean that.

But the question I posed above... does HE believe it? The Wiki, plus some other things I've heard about him, certainly leads to 'con man'. BUT... I'm not 100% convinced, even with the 'con man' indictment, that he hasn't come to believe in what he's saying.

I'm the same way with that "Lizard People Guy"... and this hasn't got a DAMN thing to do with me believing him about lizard people... I don't, obviously... and in fact that question has no interest for me at all... but what does is: Does HE believe it?

Lot of scenarios possible here, IMHO... elaborate hoax generated and maintained, actual belief, and elaborate hoax that morphed into belief. - JamesJM

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  Bob Lazar and UFO's

Atlantic Ram90July 01, 2019 03:45AM

  I wouldn't say I'm the opposite....but....

JamesJM35July 01, 2019 05:09AM

  I want to believe it but I just can't

Atlantic Ram28July 01, 2019 06:56PM

  I agree with you that...

JamesJM36July 01, 2019 07:18PM

  I don't know... but it's a great story

Atlantic Ram23July 02, 2019 08:09PM

  "The Bone".

waterfield37July 02, 2019 07:31AM

  I don't believe a word of it and am not even tempted

zn34July 02, 2019 06:00AM

  But that leaves somewhat open the question...

JamesJM52July 02, 2019 06:51AM

  Re: But that leaves somewhat open the question...

zn37July 02, 2019 07:23AM

  So just a little digging..

Atlantic Ram27July 02, 2019 08:22PM

  Re: So just a little digging..

zn35July 02, 2019 09:08PM

  Seriously folks-aliens exist

waterfield33July 02, 2019 07:53AM

  i believe you

Atlantic Ram30July 02, 2019 08:26PM