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It doesn't work.....

June 29, 2019 05:35AM
That's the short answer. Hell, that's the only answer.

Clutter... well, I'm not as de-cluttered as you, I guess I'd be somewhere between total clutter and no clutter at all.. leaning a bit toward no clutter at all...with one exception....

In a lot of movies they'll show a 'home library', office I guess... think "Sherlock Holmes".... a room with massive bookshelves, books piled on tables, chairs, and a big comfy chair in the middle.... love those rooms. If I had one that would be my 'happy place'.

  Spring cleaning... we were tardy....

JamesJM40June 28, 2019 07:14PM


waterfield31June 28, 2019 08:25PM

  It doesn't work.....

JamesJM23June 29, 2019 05:35AM