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Even I find this hard to believe..... (Royal Family)...

May 13, 2019 10:35AM
I think I have mentioned that my wife is mesmerized by the Royal family... reads every word printed about them. I have a photo of two of them, (not sure which two), hanging on my refrigerator.

So ok.... not long ago we're at the dinner table, my daughters are both here. The Royal family comes up in conversation. We're all teasing my wife a little, (very little, she can be touchy about the subject), about her fascination for the Royals. We can't believe how much she knows about them, she can't believe how much we don't know about them.

My wife, a bit frustrated, asks me, (as in ME), who are Charles and Diana's kids? She is in disbelief that I may not know the answer to that question. She wants me to admit that I know more about them that I'm admitting - - BUT - - I don't. YES, I had heard their names before, seen their names in print, but that's the kind of info that you make no attempt to store. So I tried, sincerely tried, to think of their names. Couldn't. As I struggle to remember their names my wife grows agitated thinking, (she would say knowing), that I'm playing coy and that I actually know them well. Again, I don't.

I can't come up with their names... so teasingly I reply.... "Pretty sure it's Archibald and somebody"....knowing this is not the right answer. My answer angers my wife.

Skip to a few days ago.... and my wife informs me that one of them... the Markle girl I think?, had a baby and named him "Archie". Where my wife was a bit irate with me for not knowing Diana's two kids now she is infuriated because I had, (somewhat), predicted what what's her name and what's his name would name their baby.

Now all this might be a bit confusing for you to understand.... so allow me an example to better explain my wife's reaction... I think you'll get it.

You're at work... discussing the NFL draft with some friends. You have been studying up on the NFL Draft... you have read Alyo, Deadpool, you are 'in the know'.... so you make a prediction who the Rams will take with their first pick. One of your friends, who doesn't know Wentz from Vinatieri, has no idea what ILB or WR stand for, couldn't tell you which team Tom Brady plays for... makes a prediction as well... and then... NAILS IT. How would you react? Well, that's how my wife is reacting... and I don't think...

She is going to calm down anytime soon. - JamesJM

  Even I find this hard to believe..... (Royal Family)...

JamesJM52May 13, 2019 10:35AM