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This would probably kill most people...

April 10, 2019 01:56PM
but being Italian... well, it will probably kill me as well. hasn't yet, however. Here's the menu for tomorrow nights Dante Club Meeting:

This week our dinner will be long and slow..... that's right 60+ lbs of pork will be baking
at 300 degrees for 8 hours and then all the yummy juices will be mixed in with a nice made from scratch BBQ sauce. The pulled pork will be piled onto a large piece of baguette, slathered in butter and hand rubbed with a garlic clove, then topped with caramelized onions and melted Mozzarella cheese! Yum....dam, that's good!!!

I was watching a YouTube channel recently that deals with little known yet quite notable historical sites of the "Old West". In one of the episodes they talked about "Navajo Food"... you may recall me mentioning Navajo Tacos... and when I mentioned it I made special note of the 'bread'. So ok....

In this episode they went off on how 'bad' it is for you. And I mean 'WENT OFF'... the episode became not so much about Navajo Food but rather "how bad the bread is for you". The entire episode became one long diatribe about how bad the bread is for you. I was surprised that they didn't put a Skull and Crossbones emoji over the bread. And the sad thing is:

They're probably right... it is glaringly obvious that any food that actually tastes good is bad for you. And so... I am disappointed. I will NOT stop eating it, however. - JamesJM

  This would probably kill most people...

JamesJM35April 10, 2019 01:56PM