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Re: Most fascinating thing about our Universe?

April 10, 2019 12:57PM
For you, personally, I mean... and, of course, anyone else silly enough to be following this thread.

Multiverse's, Black Holes, fascinate me to be sure... but they aren't what intrigues me the most because they are so speculative, unproven - at this time that is. Plus - pondering them can give you a headache.

I think for me it's this... and this is so far over my a head that you're going to have to deal with a very poor explanation. Simultaneous Reactions spanning vast, in fact the entire, scope of space itself. And this is... well, lets call it 'semi-proven' because some semantics are involved but they 'know' this happens... or at least believe they do, it's accepted anyway. It gets muddy... because it does not counter known physical laws... even though it does. laughing smiley That demon 'time' rudely interjects itself into this.

The two slit experiment deals with this... and though I've watched pretty much every youtube of this experiment, and it's explanation, it remains as elusive to my comprehension as the Gurley situation.

Ever notice that every single "Amazing Fact Of The Universe" youtube video will contain the following sequence - "So you will logically conclude that the result is _______, but you would be wrong".

It's a good thing I'm not in charge... I have a tendency to adopt the movie character Mack's logic in the movie Cannery Row... when Doc, rhetorically, asks "How am I going to solve this, Mack?"... Mack's reply is straight to point: "Why don't you just give up?". - JamesJM

I am having a hard time reading today (migraine med) so to be honest I am not sure I directly followed that.

But I think you're talking about entanglement? Entanglement is proven fact. Interestingly enough, it has been shown that entanglement is part of photosynthesis. So plants knew about entanglement many millennia before humans figured it out. (That's not me joshing, that comes from real studies that are out there.)

I think you also said that black holes are not proven? But yes they are. Not only did we photograph one (just today in fact) (not sure if you knew that) ( cool smiley )...but there are many very precise calculations of star orbits that demonstrate something is there having a direct gravitational effect on them on a massive scale. Plus they omit different kinds of radiation that can't be explained any other way. And so on.

If I COMPLETELY misread you, like even worse than I thought, be tolerant. Some days, brain not work good.


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