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Hometown history... MY hometown..

February 12, 2019 04:22PM
we ain't known for ANYTHING. Well, except for being neighborly and gentle folk... I'll take it.

Tranquillity, Ca. came into being because of the railroad... and actually it's very near the original site of the city of Fresno.. Fresno now moved east, a little north, some 35 miles. It could very well be that I am the only person on earth that currently knows the exact location of the original town of Fresno. I used to own the land adjacent to city-center old Fresno... and when disking, cultivating, it was common to till up old door knobs, bottles, etc.

But as for Tranquillity... when I was born approx. 750 people lived here. Today... we're at 751, I think. Of course I don't live in town... but not far away, little over a mile. At various times Tranquillity has had most types of 'businesses' any city of today has.. restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, etc. And the reason for this post... we actually had a "Bank".

There are only a handful of us old timers who remember where the old bank was, (I'm one of them even though the bank was long gone before I was born). Told that to many people, over the years, but almost no one believed me.. and then a friend came across this:

My Dad and his older brother weren't even born when this was printed... but the rest of his family - Dad, Mom, 5 older sisters and another older brother... were and they did business there.

So allow me to introduce you to "Kathy".. (not her real name)... a 24yr old young lady who just got her degree in 'writing' and is currently writing her thesis. Her topic? This area. A few other's have written about Tranquillity, very little, mere pamphlets, so "Kathy" is the first to undertake our full history... and she is allowing me to help her along. It's fantastic.

Most of my days right now are doing research, trying to jog back into memory all the old stories my Dad's generation told me. The good and the bad. The famous, the infamous. Marking locations on a map of where "such and such" once was.. now gone and replaced by Almond Orchards, Cotton crops.

I am having the time of my life. - JamesJM

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JamesJM64February 12, 2019 04:22PM