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Re: Advice from the pub please re: moving

December 05, 2018 03:32PM
Just to add to what I mentioned earlier - and I think Aries was onto the same thoughts - if you had a house to show her that was clearly an upgrade, plus living closer to friends and family, plus being WAY safer, I think she'd be cool with it.. But, since you hafta build, that brings up a whole bunch of other issues..

Have you thought about asking her to help design her room? IF she wants special features, or a specific view, or something, and let he be involved in the process of building the new house? Now, I'm weird cuz I knew at age 4 I wanted to be a rock star and/or an architect (ended up being neither) so had someone offered to let me design my own room with my own view, I probably would have burned the family home down, myself..

At this age, even tho I constantly dream of being in the home I grew up in, and I honestly have NO idea what that's all about, I really don't long for the old house, or anything.. I pass by it quite often, as its only 4 houses from a main street here that I travel often, and I'd LIKE to see what it looks like inside now, but I generally don't worry about it.. The next door neighbor's kid just sold the house he grew up in (both parents died) and I had spent a great deal of time in that house and it was really weird that both houses were now gone, but it is what it is..

Here's a pic he shot of himself about a year ago inside the house.. it was his last time to ever be in the house he grew up in, and although this room was originally not his bedroom, he moved into it about the time he turned 13.. This was the front room of the house that faced the street.. Our house was directly next door to the right.. I think its a powerful pic...

[attachment 4043 13177811_10156900765400252_4495231722419471616_n.jpg]

Thank you so much for that thoughtful reply.

I did love the house I grew up in. I don't know why when I dream its usually that house in the dream. There is a fondness for it even thought the house we moved to was totally better in every way. Its like part of my soul is there or something. And I think that is the trepidation I have about moving her now. But I'm not sure what it means and perhaps it doesn't really mean anything. I just had the thought that I'm taking her from her childhood home too soon (or too late) and what? I'm messing with her childhood memories? Is that even a thing? lol

I think the bottom line is there will probably be positives and negatives and as Joe Vitt would say "it is what it is".

There will certainly be memories made at the new house and maybe that will make it special for her.

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Atlantic Ram165December 04, 2018 09:53AM

  I'm about to do a presentation..

sstrams76December 04, 2018 10:45AM

  I would move

ferragamo7957December 04, 2018 11:39AM

  Re: I would move

Atlantic Ram41December 05, 2018 03:01PM

  Re: Advice from the pub please re: moving

Aries81December 04, 2018 12:01PM

  Re: Advice from the pub please re: moving

Atlantic Ram39December 05, 2018 03:13PM

  Re: Advice from the pub please re: moving Attachments

sstrams49December 04, 2018 02:17PM

  Re: Advice from the pub please re: moving

Atlantic Ram38December 05, 2018 03:32PM

  Re: Advice from the pub please re: moving

Rampage2K-46December 05, 2018 10:52AM

  Re: Advice from the pub please re: moving

Atlantic Ram35December 05, 2018 03:39PM

  make sure they add the home theater room for you

ferragamo7945December 05, 2018 04:09PM

  That is a definite

Atlantic Ram38December 05, 2018 08:50PM

  Why move to Austin, 79?

sstrams43December 06, 2018 03:23AM

  my sister built a house in Georgetown

ferragamo7941December 06, 2018 08:10AM


sstrams43December 06, 2018 08:12AM

  You are going to LOVE Austin!!

Aries42December 06, 2018 10:17AM