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Re: Here's why I sleep little at night

October 11, 2018 09:02AM
My first husband allowed our dog to sleep in our bed (she slept on the pillow right above his head). I loved that dog, but hated the dog hair she left behind on the comforter and sheets and her doggy smell. It was a nightly ritual that I despised. When we divorced, I swore I'd never allow a dog in my bedroom again. My kids have never been allowed in my bedroom either. I don't have anything dangerous, or weird, or secret in there. There's nothing in there that they're not allowed to see. It's just that I feel that my bedroom is not for sharing with kids and pets. I allow my dogs and kids all sorts of freedom all over the rest of the house. But the master bedroom is off-limits. In the past 23 years, my dogs and kids have respected that and they know not to go in there. My dog stops in the doorway, lays down, and waits for me. She knows not to cross the threshhold. Even my 2-yr old grandson understands that's a room he's not supposed to enter. May be a little strange to some, but it keeps me happy.


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waterfield101October 10, 2018 07:43PM

  This is when the bed is empty-not very often BTW Attachments

waterfield40October 10, 2018 08:40PM

  I have mostly followed baseball by radio...

JamesJM27October 11, 2018 01:36AM

  Re: I have mostly followed baseball by radio...

bigjimram2124October 19, 2018 06:45PM

  Same here..

sstrams28October 11, 2018 03:21AM

  Re: Same here..

waterfield24October 11, 2018 07:44AM

  Its a good pain, tho...

sstrams22October 11, 2018 08:19AM

  Re: Its a good pain, tho...

waterfield20October 11, 2018 10:28AM

  Re: Here's why I sleep little at night

MamaRAMa34October 11, 2018 09:02AM


waterfield28October 11, 2018 10:27AM

  Re: Well

MamaRAMa24October 11, 2018 10:35AM

  Re: Well

waterfield23October 11, 2018 11:46AM

  Re: Well

MamaRAMa25October 11, 2018 12:03PM

  Re: Well

waterfield24October 11, 2018 02:41PM