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Speaking of college football...

September 09, 2018 09:55PM
and sure, some bias because my grandson is playing... but actually BEYOND THAT... I have never been more into College ball than I am today.... AND YES... nearly as much, if not more, than the NFL... (not the RAMS... that's always tops for me).

I'm not a fool... and I realize the college game moves ever closer to the 'business' end of the NFL... but there still breathes, even if on a respirator, the 'heart' of what football should be in College ball.

Watching Reedley J.C. this weekend, (my grandson's team).. the field was filled with 'hopes' of moving on to Division 1... and then, the NFL. Mostly likely NONE will make it... but that dream, that hope, burns as bright as any other flame.

I don't really like where College ball is today... with the 'super teams' like Alabama... but as of today that's an 'exception' in the NCAA.... you don't have to 'back off' the Alabama's all that far to find the 'game'.. and that's NO knock on Alabama.


Ramgator113September 09, 2018 05:54AM

  Re: My Gators.....UUUUUUUUUUUUGGHHHH!!!!!

MamaRAMa64September 09, 2018 07:37AM

  I saw most of that game.

Ramgator87September 09, 2018 12:26PM

  Speaking of college football...

JamesJM48September 09, 2018 09:55PM

  Re: Speaking of college football...

MamaRAMa55September 10, 2018 04:07AM

  Yup, I avoid those games as well....

JamesJM92September 10, 2018 07:41AM

  CBS Sports: Herm Edwards Is Making Us All Look Like Idiots

MamaRAMa57September 10, 2018 09:56AM