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Grandpa's vs Grandson's....

June 25, 2018 04:15PM
Let's begin with 3 Pointer's.... I lost. Badly. Make that horrendously.

Distance throwing a football - again, lost. Badly. Make that horrendously.

Foulest language possible when screwing up - Won, easily... by a mile.

Making excuses - Just an overwhelming WIN.

So as you can see - we're tied up - and haven't decided what the playoff round should be. My grandson suggests 40 time. Ehhhh.... I suggested time to chug 16oz of Gatorade. Grandson didn't agree... so we're going to let my granddaughter be the arbitrator. I already lost to her. Feel better about my chances this time, however. There's a $50 iTunes gift card in it for her for making the right decision. - JamesJM

  Grandpa's vs Grandson's....

JamesJM74June 25, 2018 04:15PM