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Mom is smiling down.

April 08, 2018 10:47AM
Today, we placed her ashes at three spots she wanted. My Uncle's grave, my Great Grandmother's grave and between my Grandmother and Grandfather (Her Parents. She always felt bad her Brother was buried in 1972 at a cemetery, away from all other family members. She told me 20-30 years ago, she wanted remains to be with him. At the cemetery where most of my family is, we placed some by my Great Grandmother, who passed at age 97, in 1983 (She was the one from Liverpool England ...Makes Paul McCartney my Uncle!!!) She took care of my Mom when my Grandmother passed when my Mom was only 12. And last.....We put some between my Grandmother and Grandfather. My Grandfather passed away in 1985. Grandmother in 1952. I was VERY tight with my Grandfather....VERY! My Mom loved and missed her Parents SO much. It's also where I placed most of my Brother's remains (Put some on The Swamp in Gainesville) I know Mom is thrilled today. I thought it would be a hard day but it actually made me smile.

  Mom is smiling down.

Ramgator125April 08, 2018 10:47AM

  Good deal, 'Gator..

sstrams84April 08, 2018 11:10AM