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my first wife would take my to craft fairs

February 08, 2018 07:41AM
and I noticed vendors always had several sizes or price points. The largest was always there for the big spender (which was their target), but I noticed they could always get someone to buy a smaller size and it was also nice for people on different budgets.

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  Feedback on a new project? Attachments

Atlantic Ram267February 03, 2018 09:02PM

  Wow Atlantic...!

sstrams75February 04, 2018 05:39AM

  Re: Wow Atlantic...!

Atlantic Ram72February 04, 2018 01:48PM

  Sure, Atlantic..

sstrams61February 05, 2018 01:16PM

  Ok, maybe I should read..

sstrams81February 05, 2018 01:25PM

  the ink comes in quart bottles

Atlantic Ram63February 05, 2018 02:16PM

  Possibly Dallas or Houston..

sstrams70February 06, 2018 03:08AM

  Check these out... Attachments

Atlantic Ram89February 06, 2018 06:50PM

  Re: Check these out...

MamaRAMa69February 07, 2018 03:40AM

  Thanks! Me too

Atlantic Ram77February 07, 2018 09:35PM

  Yeah, I agree...

sstrams65February 08, 2018 05:35AM

  That's a good idea. Attachments

Atlantic Ram70February 08, 2018 06:08PM

  That's GREAT, Atlantic..

sstrams71February 09, 2018 04:58AM

  lol... thanks... NM

Atlantic Ram80February 09, 2018 02:44PM

  Re: Feedback on a new project?

MamaRAMa81February 04, 2018 06:54AM

  Re: Feedback on a new project?

Atlantic Ram78February 04, 2018 01:51PM

  that is some quality woodwork there

Deadpool69February 04, 2018 08:21AM

  Re: that is some quality woodwork theres

Atlantic Ram61February 04, 2018 01:56PM

  Flat out amazing. . .

RAMbeau74February 04, 2018 09:05AM

  Re: Flat out amazing. . .

Atlantic Ram59February 04, 2018 02:07PM

  sell different sizes

ferragamo7962February 05, 2018 08:44AM

  muchas gracias mi amigo

Atlantic Ram80February 05, 2018 02:03PM

  my first wife would take my to craft fairs

ferragamo7958February 08, 2018 07:41AM

  I am actually doing an Expo in a few months

Atlantic Ram58February 08, 2018 06:03PM