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First cave dive video of 2017..

December 14, 2017 04:56AM
This is the easiest of the cave dives and one of my favorites: Carwash in Tulum, Mexico.. Carwash frequently has alligators swimming through, which adds to the fun.. I shot this vid at the mouth to the cave system, looking back at the pond in the jungle.. you can make out the wooden steps into the pond on the other side at the beginning.. Normally, the pond area has a 2-3 foot white, milky type "ceiling" so that you cannot see the surface.. its crystal clear underneath, but this is the first time the entire pond was crystal clear without that milky ceiling.. Which begs me to ask the question: is it above or under the water? Its so clear that sometimes you forget.. The white lines are directional marker lines people have run to mark the path through the cave..

I'll try to edit another from this cave of the cave system itself.. from this vantage point you wouldn't even know this was the beginning of a cave dive... as always, select 1080pHD (60 fps) and go full screen at 1920x1080.. Your best bet with this vid, is click the youtube link and then go full screen..

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  First cave dive video of 2017..

sstrams194December 14, 2017 04:56AM

  Great vid, but.......

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