August 11, 2017 03:30PM
Sal was trying his best to make it on the same team my grandson is trying to make it on. Reedley College Tigers.

I've been watching Sal since he was 6, 7 maybe. He graduated High School this year with my grandson. Good friends, the best of friends.

Sal saw a lot of playing time over his career... small, not enormous talent but no lack of heart. Sal gave it everything... by Varsity time Sal was riding the bench a lot.... never complained. Never quit. Loved the game... loved his 'teams'.... loved his friends.

Got this text earlier today, "Pops. Sal was cut today. He was giving it everything he had".

That he was 'giving it everything he had" was no surprise whatsoever.... never saw the young man do anything other than that. His parents, (I know them somewhat well), were enormously proud of Sal... very good student, very good athlete... very small. I have no doubt they're every bit as proud of him right now as they were this morning, before hearing the news.. maybe prouder.

Most kids who 'know' they can't make the next step simply quit, move on.... but Sal was different. Sal knew he had little chance... didn't matter. "Trying" wasn't a waste of time for him, no matter how small the chances. I haven't spoken to Sal yet... I will, in the coming days - but I already know Sal is fine... to make it as far as he did showed extraordinary character and perseverance.

My grandson, however, ain't taking it well. Like I said, they were very good friends. AND... no final roster has been set... more cuts are coming... Mason, (my grandson), knows that. It looks good, he's been issued a number... all the coaches I've heard from speak very positively about him... LOVE his work ethic. We'll see. - JamesJM

  Gotta text from my grandson today, his friend was cut from the team...

JamesJM280August 11, 2017 03:30PM

  I'm meeting the team tonight....

JamesJM163August 12, 2017 09:16AM