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Mac vs Windows... no, not propaganda.

April 03, 2017 06:22AM
I converted to Apple in 2007. I had been on Windows for a couple of decades.

So before you continue... this is NOT a 'which is better' post... it's an "I'm too old to learn new tricks" post. As for Windows vs Mac... I don't think one is any better than the other. Choose your poison.

For some years after converting I could still work on, and fix, windows computers. As they changed Windows it would take me a bit longer, (finding things), but I could get the job done.

Last year my grandson's needed new computers... we went with "Windows"... because Windows computers ARE better if you're very into 'gaming'... (maybe other things as well... not my point)... And that meant Windows 10... which was VERY different than I was used to.

When you stick with an OS over the long haul the changes are somewhat gradual, you get used to them. When you're completely AWAY from an OS for an extended period of time... yikes.

My point... I can do things on Windows 10 now.... but trying to 'find' things, especially settings, is so frustrating it sends me into hysteria... not even Tequila can extract me from the frustration. That's bad.

Yes, I know it's 'natural' for you Windows users. For me it's a needle in a haystack.

So I've retired from fixing people's Windows computers. laughing smiley If they have a problem I direct them away from me.

The result being... now Tequila works again. laughing smiley

  Mac vs Windows... no, not propaganda.

JamesJM238April 03, 2017 06:22AM

  I think they are becoming more alike...

Atlantic Ram101April 03, 2017 12:28PM