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The rash of arm injuries these days is epidemic...

March 12, 2017 06:17AM
Until high school my general understanding is that kids should not throw curve balls. That's accepted, somewhat, but you still see it.. not often.

Of our 4 starting pitchers the last two years in High School 3 have had surgery. All threw 'junk' in youth baseball.

Now the above is simply what I can say I know and have heard... I am NOT expert on young pitcher throwing arms and have read nothing about it. All my grandson's pitched RARELY... only in emergency situation, and all of them struggled to simply keep it down to 3 walks per inning. spin tounge smiley None of them pitch today.... wellllllll, almost never.

Yes, about the catcher knowing the pitch. I'm not sure how they were working that out.... maybe leaving the catcher unaware, maybe another signal? BUT... may not be needed.... these were Freshmen and Sophomore's.... even their curve balls don't really move a lot. - JamesJM

  Baseball.. ethical? No? You decide.... I still liked it...

JamesJM394March 11, 2017 08:04AM

  That's an easy one for me...

sstrams177March 11, 2017 10:03AM


JamesJM169March 11, 2017 02:40PM

  That's a good point..

sstrams136March 12, 2017 05:38AM

  The rash of arm injuries these days is epidemic...

JamesJM149March 12, 2017 06:17AM

  Re: The rash of arm injuries these days is epidemic...

waterfield139March 12, 2017 07:44AM


JamesJM172March 12, 2017 08:03AM

  I tell ya what it is.

Ramgator127March 12, 2017 07:46AM