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March 04, 2017 10:08AM
I watched a documentary on behavior from one of my favorite speakers/psychologist Dan Ariely. I have read and watched his stuff for a number of years now. Oddly enough, it was on Netflix, and I was surprised to see him on a "popular" media. Not that he isn't necessarily pop psych but I think his research is pretty solid.

Anyway, some topics are covered in minor detail about doping and cheating in professional sports. Slough football is not cited, I'm guessing it isn't out of the question that something along the lines of doping/cheating could be happening.

Anyway, so this basketball ref starts talking about showing favoritism to certain players, teams and owners... and all I can think of is the pats... Not in this clip but he talks about how the NBA (commissioner I guess or whatever the NBA has as a leader) actually wants certain outcomes. An impossible victory in 2000 over a much better team? An impossible comeback against odds that have never been overcome in 2017... And all the stuff in between.

I beat the pats as cheaters drum, not as loud as many but louder than most. So that is where I am coming from. But I think the idea that that can't be cheating or favoritism isn't realistic. Not saying that it happens in the NFL. I am just saying it makes more sense than what is presumed to be I guess "real".

Another token from the documentary is that people who cheat and are successful just think they are a genius. They dispel the fact that they cheated. So if you were wondering how pat fans sleep at night, that's it.



Atlantic Ram247March 04, 2017 10:08AM