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Clemson vs 'Bama...you're welcome...

January 10, 2017 08:22PM
As most of you know I'm retired... not that that changed anything... I've never known what day of the week it is. I was excited for this game, very excited.... I didn't think Clemson had much of a chance... but I did think if anyone could knock off 'Bama it was them. I'm not a Clemson fan, nor a 'Bama fan... like them both. I wanted to see a good game.

Game day... no different than any other day for me... it was a 'day', I wasn't aware of it's title... I lost track after New Year's Eve, which I pretty much had to be aware of because my home was filled with people that night. But after than night... the sun came up, it went down.

Yes, I missed the game... I was home, I wasn't doing anything important and in fact.. I was bored, nothing to do. Got a text from my daughter late that evening, "that was a great game. That WR for Clemson that caught the winning TD is 5' 10' and smaller than Mason"... she was referring, obviously, to my grandson who hopes to play football for a few more years but he's not very big.

My first thought? "THAT WAS TONIGHT?????. AND YOU SAY CLEMSON WON?". I missed the game... while sitting on my sofa, in front of the TV, which was on even though I wasn't really watching it... I sat through the game, oblivious.

So what I'm reading is this, "One of the greatest games of all time".... well, that's no surprise, no surprise at all... because I didn't see it. Could have, should have, I certainly wasn't boycotting the game... I was very, VERY excited about it.

Why was it a great game? Put two and two together... because I didn't see it. You're welcome. - JamesJM

  Clemson vs 'Bama...you're welcome...

JamesJM309January 10, 2017 08:22PM

  Thanks for not watching!

Drew2839144January 11, 2017 09:03AM


Ramgator140January 12, 2017 04:11AM