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So, how do y’all really feel about bringing in so many ‘youthful’ asst coaches?

February 12, 2020 07:18AM
Myself, I’m a big fan.

Retread coaches are not the answer to me other than superstar types, and superstar type asst coaches rarely become available. Lol.

Give me the fresh thinking, new idea, high energy types please. Looks to me like McVay wants to surround himself with asst coaches more or less in his own image. I suspect that we may be pleased by improvements in all 3 areas this year.

And in specific players including the following ones:


I expect to see better DL and LB play despite the probable losses of Fowler and Littleton due to improved scheme designs and more unpredictability. Same with CB play.

I predict that these various new coaches that McVay has hired will result in a Ram team that is a serious SB contender despite playing in the NFC West.

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  So, how do y’all really feel about bringing in so many ‘youthful’ asst coaches?

Rams43217February 12, 2020 07:18AM

  Re: I think it presents its own obvious challenges

Speed_Kills92February 12, 2020 07:28AM

  9-7 ceiling? In February?

promomasterj66February 12, 2020 08:35AM

  Re: 9-7 ceiling? In February?

Rampage2K-54February 12, 2020 08:39AM

  Re: nah a Niners fan would have them at 4-12

Speed_Kills42February 12, 2020 09:46AM

  Re: 9-7 ceiling? In February?

Classicalwit37February 12, 2020 10:00AM

  there's transition and then there's transition

LMU9352February 12, 2020 10:00AM

  Re: A thoughtful response...thx

Speed_Kills33February 12, 2020 12:20PM

  a lot going on, no question

LMU9327February 12, 2020 12:33PM

  Re: oh I agree with all of that

Speed_Kills24February 12, 2020 12:45PM

  Re: oh I agree with all of that

LMU9324February 12, 2020 02:34PM

  Re: good stuff man... fingers crossed lol nm

Speed_Kills14February 12, 2020 03:04PM

  As Chris Berman says - 'that's why they play the games'

promomasterj21February 12, 2020 12:35PM

  Does the age really matter to that much...

roman1838February 12, 2020 08:42AM

  Re: So, how do y’all really feel about bringing in so many ‘youthful’ asst coaches?

OzRam36February 12, 2020 08:47AM

  I'm looking forward to

RamsFanSince6940February 12, 2020 12:14PM

  I like the New DC & OC

den-the-coach55February 12, 2020 01:12PM