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Skalski the Clemson MLB

January 13, 2020 05:02PM
is having a nice game, he is putting everyone in their spots and is really handling the middle by himself really well. He's a junior, but looks good. Its easy to focus on Simmons, but Skalski is worth watching. patient until he needs to be aggressive and is taking great angles.

Don't waste your time looking back, you're not going that way. - Ragnar Lothbrok

  DAMN I wish Alyo was watching this game...

JamesJM330January 13, 2020 04:36PM

  some thoughts

Deadpool115January 13, 2020 04:57PM

  THERE ya go, Dead, thanks. (nm)

JamesJM28January 13, 2020 04:58PM

  Skalski the Clemson MLB

Deadpool76January 13, 2020 05:02PM

  It'll be interesting to see Venables adjustments

Deadpool50January 13, 2020 05:15PM

  who is #1Clemson

ferragamo7948January 13, 2020 05:11PM

  Derion kendrick

Deadpool61January 13, 2020 05:17PM

  I'm here! lol

alyoshamucci92January 13, 2020 05:42PM


JamesJM32January 13, 2020 05:51PM

  I hope McVay is learning from this

Deadpool90January 13, 2020 05:55PM

  it would appear LSU is taking control... I'm not so sure. (nm)

JamesJM23January 13, 2020 06:29PM

  Getting pretty sure, however, :) (nm)

JamesJM19January 13, 2020 06:42PM

  yeah, turn out the lights

Deadpool52January 13, 2020 06:44PM

  Burrow is so overrated!

Ramgator79January 14, 2020 04:02AM

  Re: Burrow is so overrated!

den-the-coach62January 14, 2020 04:54AM