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some thoughts

January 13, 2020 04:57PM
AJ Terrell the CB from Clemson is (was) a first round prospect, but Chase is absolutely killing him. Its going to hurt his stock, because it shows his trouble with fast WRs.

Eteinne is just electric. In a deep RB class, he could be had somewhere in the 2nd...fun to watch. Esp in an outside zone system

Tee Higgins is absolutely a mismatch WR, quick, elusive and big. a 6'-3" burner with a huge catch radius that can outrun you or go over the top of you.

I. Simmons the LBer from Clemson is what the NFL wants in its LBers, he can play as a 3rd safety, play outside and defend a RB in the passing game, blitz. He is doing all of that tonight.

Burrow and Lawrence are fun QBs, mobile, but good passers.

Delpit is having a poor game, he is probably still my top S, but the S class isn't as front heavy as it has been in years past.

Claisson the LSU edge is so fast off the snap. No false steps and he converts that speed into effortless power.

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  DAMN I wish Alyo was watching this game...

JamesJM335January 13, 2020 04:36PM

  some thoughts

Deadpool117January 13, 2020 04:57PM

  THERE ya go, Dead, thanks. (nm)

JamesJM31January 13, 2020 04:58PM

  Skalski the Clemson MLB

Deadpool79January 13, 2020 05:02PM

  It'll be interesting to see Venables adjustments

Deadpool53January 13, 2020 05:15PM

  who is #1Clemson

ferragamo7951January 13, 2020 05:11PM

  Derion kendrick

Deadpool64January 13, 2020 05:17PM

  I'm here! lol

alyoshamucci95January 13, 2020 05:42PM


JamesJM35January 13, 2020 05:51PM

  I hope McVay is learning from this

Deadpool97January 13, 2020 05:55PM

  it would appear LSU is taking control... I'm not so sure. (nm)

JamesJM26January 13, 2020 06:29PM

  Getting pretty sure, however, :) (nm)

JamesJM22January 13, 2020 06:42PM

  yeah, turn out the lights

Deadpool55January 13, 2020 06:44PM

  Burrow is so overrated!

Ramgator84January 14, 2020 04:02AM

  Re: Burrow is so overrated!

den-the-coach67January 14, 2020 04:54AM