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Re: Exactly...

December 02, 2019 05:20PM
I'd love to see these plays side by side. SOOOOO Frustrating!!

Here you go....check out the perfect spiral fumble.

Both Blandino and Sartitore said it should have been ruled a forward pass

Keep The Faith !!!

  This is the same play as Goff vs Pitt. We will see what NY says about this one

Rampage2K-305December 02, 2019 04:52PM

  wow, I am just in awe

Deadpool119December 02, 2019 04:53PM

  of course that's ruled a forward pass....

Rampage2K-110December 02, 2019 04:54PM

  Re: of course that's ruled a forward pass....

max90December 02, 2019 04:56PM

  Re: of course that's ruled a forward pass....

Rampage2K-79December 02, 2019 05:00PM


sacram102December 02, 2019 04:54PM

  Re: Exactly...

Rampage2K-82December 02, 2019 05:03PM

  Re: Exactly...

sacram80December 02, 2019 05:04PM

  Re: Exactly...

Rampage2K-76December 02, 2019 05:20PM

  Re: Exactly...

sacram59December 02, 2019 05:37PM

  And it costed us the game

mexram70December 02, 2019 05:34PM