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Very wise reply, IMHO..

November 27, 2019 01:54PM
I dont' know.. others are SURE they know why.

This is NOT that different a team than played against KC on MNF last year... easily explained by most.. for me? I dunno.

Here's my assessment.. we have hit rock bottom.. and seemingly determined to remain there. It's McVay. Or I should say, the entire coaching staff.

am I ready to fire them all and re-tool? Not even CLOSE! They are learning... but unfortunately they are learning at a pace that makes a tortoise look like Usain Bolt.

Don't think it's EGO... I think it's simply what naturally evolves in the NFL.

  Think it’s bad now...

Deadhead Ram665November 26, 2019 04:52PM

  Re: Think it’s bad now...

SeattleRam215November 26, 2019 04:53PM

  Re: Think it’s bad now...

21Dog119November 27, 2019 04:10AM

  I like your connection between the O line and shell shocked qb.

waterfield104November 27, 2019 10:13AM


SeattleRam163November 26, 2019 05:01PM

  I honestly don't think so. We will be them twice

JimYoungblood5391November 27, 2019 04:47AM

  Re: Think it’s bad now...

zn125November 27, 2019 04:47AM

  Re: Think it’s bad now...

Classicalwit79November 27, 2019 05:22AM

  Re: Think it’s bad now...

waterfield59November 27, 2019 10:16AM

  Don't see much of that aroind here

mexram74November 27, 2019 01:46PM

  Re: Think it’s bad now...

303074November 27, 2019 05:03AM

  We will win I believe

mexram63November 27, 2019 01:48PM

  Or worse yet...

L.A.Rams94November 27, 2019 05:04AM

  We all know the Emperor had no clothes

NewMexicoRam93November 27, 2019 05:10AM

  Why will they get smoked?

Hazlet Hacksaw115November 27, 2019 05:41AM

  I agree with the gist of that...

JamesJM74November 27, 2019 06:33AM

  Im not saying it will happen

Hazlet Hacksaw68November 27, 2019 10:34AM

  Yeah, I don't see that at all...

JamesJM69November 27, 2019 10:40AM

  Re: Yeah, I don't see that at all...

zn66November 27, 2019 11:50AM

  Re: Yeah, I don't see that at all...

waterfield62November 27, 2019 01:20PM

  Took me some time...

JamesJM69November 27, 2019 01:28PM

  Re: Took me some time...

waterfield68November 27, 2019 01:45PM

  Very wise reply, IMHO..

JamesJM52November 27, 2019 01:54PM

  Re: Think it’s bad now...

Rampage2K-103December 02, 2019 11:57AM