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Gurley's carries, production

November 07, 2019 06:40AM
"Through half of the season, Gurley has 92 carries for 355 yards in 2019, along with 15 catches for 81 yards. That puts him on pace for 710 rushing yards and 162 receiving yards."

This is slightly incorrect, given that Gurley has played 7 games (and so averaging 13.1 carries/game). Assuming he plays 15 games he's on pace for 761 yards rushing and 174 receiving.

I think if you remove the anomaly of the Tampa game where 1st half penalties and the 21-0 deficit obviously affected their ability to run that you'll see what his real workload is which is 14.5 carries/game. Play that out and he would end up with around 210 carries by season's end.

  Sean McVay praises Todd Gurley for an “unselfish approach”

MamaRAMa211November 06, 2019 09:02PM

  This is why McVay and Martz 2 of the best ever

Rams_8177November 07, 2019 05:38AM

  Re: Sean McVay praises Todd Gurley for an “unselfish approach”

kw1346November 07, 2019 06:02AM

  Gurley's carries, production

LMU9347November 07, 2019 06:40AM

  Why not use him as a 3rd down back

promomasterj30November 07, 2019 08:18AM