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TRANSCRIPTS: Rams Head Coach Sean McVay, Pass Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach Shane Waldron, QB Jared Goff - Media Availability - October 9, 2019

October 10, 2019 12:37AM
TRANSCRIPTS: Rams Head Coach Sean McVay, Pass Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach Shane Waldron, QB Jared Goff - Media Availability - October 9, 2019

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay
(Opening Remarks)
“From an injury standpoint, a couple ones that kind of came up, after the game – you think it’s your typical bumps and bruises and it ends up being a little bit more than that. (Rcool smiley Todd (Gurley II) with his thigh (quad) contusion and then (Ccool smiley Aqib (Talib) with his ribs – both those guys were non-participants in practice today. We’ll continue to monitor them as we progress. The other guys that you saw on the injury report – limited participants, but those guys are on track to hopefully be able to play in the game with (WR) Brandin (Cooks), (Lcool smiley Bryce (Hager) and (Lcool smiley Natrez Patrick.”

(On if there is a chance Gurley II or Talib could miss Sunday’s game)
“They’re (Gurley II and Talib) day-to-day right now, so it’s hard to say. Just being Wednesday, we’ve still got some time. Big thing was that they missed practice today and we’ll take it a day at a time.”

(On if Gurley II injured his right or left quad)
“It’s his left quad.”

(On how TE Gerald Everett has helped make plays off-schedule)
“(TE) Gerald (Everett) did a nice job. A lot of his targets, he was the primary (receiver) on. It might have felt off-schedule on the one keeper, because he did a nice job when they kind of looked him up on a zoning route. He ended up creating after the catch off-schedule, where he’s breaking a bunch of tackles, different things like that. He’s gotten better and better. I think really, with him, it’s just those opportunities. I think the one play that really stands out, we were running a keeper, (Qcool smiley Jared (Goff) ends up getting flushed out to his right, kind of extends the play. Gerald has the presence to be able to pull up inside the numbers and he throws back across his body. Gerald ended up doing a great job getting down to the one yard line, and then Todd punched it in on the next play. He had some plays in the play-action game, he had some plays in some of the known passing situations. I thought his seam route in the two-minute drill was a huge catch. He made a bunch of plays and, really, that’s kind of what he’s done when he’s gotten his opportunities. It’s about just continuously finding ways to get all of our playmakers involved and he certainly is one of those guys.”

(On what goes in to calling more plays for Everett)
“Confidence in him (Everett). In a lot of instances too, we like to spread the ball around because of the confidence that we do have in the variety of playmakers we have, whether it be at the receiver position – you saw (TE) Tyler (Higbee) make some plays as well – and then we’ve got backs that are capable. Jared does a nice job exhausting his progressions, getting the ball wherever the coverage dictates and in a lot of instances, I think you want to be able to be mindful of, ‘All right, you want to get certain guys involved, but you also want to make sure, with the plethora of talented players that we do have, that the ball is getting sprayed around and you’ve got to make everybody defend all of the eligible (receivers) and the width and the depth of the field.’”

(On if historically being considered the best team in the division adds any pressure to the team)
“Every game is so important. Every game counts the same right now. We’ve been fortunate to have some success over the last couple of years – specifically in our division – but, every single game represents a new chance to re-write the narrative. We’re five games in, we still have a lot of football left. I think the respect that we have for the Seahawks and the 49ers – and we know what kind of challenges they’ve been – and they’ve been challenges over the last couple years. That was a great game the other day (the Rams Week 5 game at Seattle). It’s over with now, we’ve kind of moved forward. You see, the Niners are 4-0, they’ve done an outstanding job. When you look at the four games of film, you’re not seeing any weaknesses in any three of their phases. They’ve won convincingly and they’ve done an excellent job of doing those things, really, that is the winning formula for consistently winning games, as far as taking the football away. Really, with the exception of the Pittsburgh game, they’ve taken pretty good care of it. They’re running the football, controlling the clock, so there’s a lot of good things that this team’s done and it’s going to be a great challenge for us on Sunday.”

(On what challenges San Francisco’s ability to force turnovers provides for Rams QB Jared Goff)
“Really, like anything else, you’ve got to make sure that you’re doing a great job playing within the timing and rhythm of the pass plays that we end up activating. Then, also, two hands on the ball in the pocket. These guys do a really good job of being able to create pressure on the quarterback. Sometimes, in a lot of their instances, it’s with a four-man rush where they’re playing loaded zone or coverage behind it. They play really hard, they attack the football. I think one of the things that you see consistent among all the great defenses around this league, is there’s a consistent mindset and mentality of attacking the football, trying to get it back for your offense. You can see they’ve done an excellent job of forcing those turnovers and that’s why I think you’ve seen such a huge amount of success, specifically for their defense so far.”

(On the last time the L.A. Rams and the 49ers were this good at the same time, Coach McVay was three years old, but his grandfather was involved and if there was any memory of the rivalry)
“When I was three, no, I don’t think so. I remember there was a lot of good, positive memories when I was around the 49ers when my grandpa was working with those guys. But, for us, it’s still so early in the season. This is a really good football team that we’re going up against. I think we’re just excited about the opportunity to compete. That organization has a lot of meaning for my family because of my grandpa’s history there. That’s special because of what he accomplished when he was a part of that team for so many years. I think it’s pretty cool. One of the things I think this story kind of epitomizes, really the kind of guy my grandpa is. He was fortunate enough to be a part of five World Championship teams. He’s got three sons. He kept his first and his fifth Superbowl rings and he gave his second, third and fourth to his sons. So, when my dad wears that fourth Superbowl ring, he can’t wear that, he didn’t earn that, man (laughs). I think it’s pretty cool and I think it’s a good reflection of what’s made my grandpa so special and why he’s meant so much to me.”

(On if his grandpa will be cheering for him on Sunday)
“He better. He better be, he’s not working for the 49ers anymore (laughs).”

(On how hard it is to get out of the front line and the screen game from the 49ers)
“It is. That’s a great point, because when you’ve got Warner and you’ve got (49ers LB Kwon) Alexander that have such a good speed and really just they’ve got great team speed overall. I think getting (49ers DB Jimmie) Ward back as a safety really adds another element. Him and (49ers S Jaquiski) Tartt, you see (49ers CB Richard) Sherman playing at a high level and I thought (49ers Ccool smiley Emmanuel (Moseley) did a great job stepping in at the comer spot, because (49ers Ahkello) Witherspoon had played really good football up to that point. Anytime that you see these guys, they pursue really hard to the football, but then when there’s a screen game, whatever it is, they do an excellent job getting out of the stack. Even up front, being able to say, ‘All right we’re going to really play the pass through the run’ the way that they come off especially with their front four, some of the new philosophies they have with the defensive line coach. It really puts a lot of pressure on an offense and I think it’s a big reason why they’ve been so successful. The overall team speed and I think the consistent energy and juice that they play with, snap to whistle, snap in, snap out, first snap to the last snap. That shows up on the tape.”

(On being extra cautious with Gurley)
“I think we just want to take it a day at a time. A lot of these conversations entail, ‘All right, how’s he feeling, what kind of progress does he make throughout the course of the week?’ Fortunately for us, we’ve got some depth at that position. We’ve talked about it, whether it’s this week, at some point, the confidence we have in (Rcool smiley Malcolm (Brown). There’s also going to be a time that we’re going to rely on (Rcool smiley Darrell Henderson (Jr.), it might end up being this week.”

(On his history with Gurley and his sense of whether he is going to play on Sunday)
“I think it’s hard to say. Being so early in the week, it kind of caught us all off guard and he’s so tough and he plays through so many different things. I think he’d be better in-tune to say exactly how he feels, but there’s still so much time and guys turn over different things like that. Even though we did play on a Thursday, we want to be smart with him. I think he’s earned the right to be able to, let’s get through this week and then let’s see and then we’ll be able to make a better decision and I’d be able to better answer that question a little bit later on this week.”

(On if OLB Obgonnia Okoronkwo will step up for LB Natrez Patrick)
“Yeah and I think he’s going to step up anyways just because of the (Lcool smiley Clay (Matthews) situation with him being out. Exactly how we utilize those guys from a defensive personnel standpoint could potentially be altered and effected. A Lot of that is predicated on, ‘All right, what’s the gameplan specific to how we feel like is the best way. Personnel grouping and different things like that to defend the 49eres offense.’ I think we’re hopeful and optimistic about (Lcool smiley Natrez (Patrick), but (OLcool smiley ‘Obo’ (Okoronkwo) is going to be a guy that’s going to be asked to step up, I think regardless, just because of Clay’s situation.”

(On LB Troy Reeder coming in seamlessly and if he has the same feeling about the other young players stepping up)
“That’s the expectation. I think our coaches do an excellent job of being able to prepare guys so that if some of these circumstances do present themselves, they’re ready to step up. I don’t think you ever truly replace a player like Clay and what he’s really been doing. But, the expectation is for guys to come in, know exactly what to do, be confident, play fast, play physical and really kind of own your assignment and whatever your role is within the framework of that specific play or that specific call. The expectations are that these guys will seamlessly step in, but you want to be realistic and respectful of what a good job Clay has done and there’s a reason why he’s been our starting outside backer or starting in the dime-rush situations. It does represent a good opportunity for us to continue to evaluate and see if what we think about these guys holds true.”

Rams Pass Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach Shane Waldron
(On what challenges come from playing the 49ers)
“The challenge is they’re playing with great energy, great physicality right now. They’ve done a tremendous job of creating takeaways. I know last year at certain points the ball didn’t bounce their way in creating those takeaways. Certainly, this year, they’ve done a great job of raking at the ball, ripping the ball out, punching the ball out. Some of those tips and overthrows that have occurred, they’ve taken full advantage of them and they’ve enabled themselves to really create those turnovers that have put them in good positions each game.”

(On how utilizing the tight ends in the passing game opens things up for other players offensively)
“I think any time that the targets can spread around like we do every week – the defensive structure’s going to dictate different targets, different guys some weeks more than others. This past week with (TE) Gerald (Everett) having over 100 yards and then (TE Tyler) Higbee having a solid game there as well, it just makes the defense have to be responsible for all the eligible receivers and really focus on everybody, not just one particular receiver or running back or tight end that week.”

(On if the tight end targets are based on playcalling, the defensive structure or what QB Jared Goff is seeing on certain plays)
“Definitely some of it with the defensive structure and playcalling combination in some of those third down windows that (TE) Gerald (Everett) was able to make some plays. (Qcool smiley Jared (Goff) is doing a great job – one of his best games to date as far as working off-schedule. If the exact play didn’t work out, he’s able to hit (TE Tyler) Higbee in an off-schedule play to the flat to his right. Able to take Higbee on another check down, going deep to short on the read there. Then, also being able to hit Gerald for a real explosive play that got all the way down to inside the one (yard line). Really off-schedule right there where he and Jared were able to be on the same page, find a window in the defense and really extend the play that the defense played really well.”

(On if tight ends are naturally more involved in attacking a zone defense)
“They can be. I think that goes back to when you’re playing against a zoning defense, being able to spread the field out and have all five eligible (receivers) in a position to make a play. That’s where, certainly, the tight ends can play a big role in that. Especially when it’s over the middle in some of those zones where they might get lost and then they provide that big target inside for the quarterback.”

(On if he has seen teams dictate situations where they have had to utilize more underneath throws)
“Each week, teams have kind of had their plan against us. We’ve definitely seen some coverage contours that have played deep to short, where they’re trying to keep everything in front of them. That’s where we’ve got to keep doing a good job of being patient and taking what the defense gives us. I think (Qcool smiley Jared (Goff) did a nice job this past week of doing such.”

(On if there is an increased emphasis with Goff and other offensive players of protecting the ball when playing a team that has forced a lot of turnovers)
“Really, it’s a weekly thing that we preach. I think one thing that we really believe in is our process and our standards that we’ve set here have really been the same every week. Now, every week have they worked out exactly the way we want them to? No, not exactly. But, we’re still going to preach the same things about being all about the ball and protecting the ball and having that great pocket awareness – especially when you’re going up against a front that’s got as many good rushers as the 49ers do. It’s always emphasized, it’s always something that we talk about. Just being able to overcome any of those things that have come up so far this season has been something that we’ve got to continue to work on and improve upon.”

(On if the quantity of passing attempts is something the offense would like to change or if it’s something that has been forced due to circumstances within the game)
“Really, it’s a combination of all three things. The circumstances in some of the games where we’ve been down – like the Tampa game where we’ve been forced to throw it, obviously getting a little bit out of balance there, but the game dictated that reaction there. Then, every week when we’re trying to be a team that tries to be gameplan specific to what the defense is going to present to us, it’s going to provide different opportunities. Some weeks, obviously, (Rcool smiley Todd (Gurley II) is a great running back and people want to load up against him, it’s going to force (Qcool smiley Jared (Goff) to throw the ball a little bit more. Different weeks, if they’re going to provide a little bit more balanced opportunities, then that’s where we’ll get to that. Really, just a week-to-week thing based on what the defense gives us and, obviously, what the score dictates us to do. In a situation where we go into the game, we want to have that good balance, but not at the expense of what we think is the best way to attack the particular opponent.”

(On throwing the most passes in NFL through Week 5)
“Again, we’ve got to keep doing a good job of staying the course and trusting the process over the results in some of these circumstances and then trust the positions that we are trying to put our players in and the positions our players have been in, more times than not are going to yield the results that we want. It’s a chess match of football, where not every week you’re going to be able to run the exact same amount of runs that you want to run. Something is going to dictate a change. For us to get through some of the ups and downs of an NFL season and to be the offense that we want to be, we need to be able to win games, whichever way, whatever direction the defense might take that game. Coming back to that, I just think as long as we keep doing what our goal is at the beginning of every game, which is to start fast and really have that good run-pass balance, we’ll see that and if it dictates something else throughout the course of the game, we’ve got to be able to find a way to win playing a game that way.”

(On how 49ers CB Richard Sherman might impact preparation)
“You really need to be aware of him. Correct me if I’m wrong, I think he’s leading the league in interceptions since 2011. He had another great interception this past week, where he’s visual on the quarterback and he’s running the route before the route even declares itself, just because he’s got that great sense, that great awareness. I think, like anything else, when you’re playing against a great player and a great player that’s seen so many route combinations throughout his career and does such an unbelievable job at pattern matching things, you’ve just got to be aware of him. You’ve got to be sure of the throws and the receivers have their part in running crisp routes and making sure that they’re really threatening him in all levels there.”

(On if this feel game feels like a bigger game and a bigger week than previous weeks)
“Without being to cliché, it’s the NFL, every week is a big week. I know that’s a straight out of your 101 cliché, but I can honestly say that. Every week, it’s a week-to-week business and our biggest goal is to win this week. There is the outside influence of, ‘Hey, it’s a division game, the 49ers are undefeated.’ You see all that, but our job is to ignore all that noise and really play a game to our standards.”

(On Head Coach Sean McVay calling audibles up to the 15 second coach-to-player communication)
“I think it’s the cat and mouse game of offense versus defense and the things that kind of tend to go in cycles. If there is stuff that showed up from a season before that was effective, than usually that next season you’re going to see some defensive answers to that and vice versa with some offensive trends that might be heading one way and for a particular team, you will see those things show up the next season. So sure, there is going to be some defensive adjustments to how we operate on the line of scrimmage. I think we are fully prepared to handle those and we have our answers as far as how to strategically approach those situations this year as well.”

(On if the coach-to-player communication still works)
“I don’t want to give away the whole keys to the kingdom here (laughs). I think the way we operate, we still want to dictate our tempo and use that as our ability on offense to attack the defense. We’ll still operate the way we see fit at each week.”

Rams QB Jared Goff
(On if his break was good and if a mini break is good this time of year)
“I’ve always preferred an early Thursday game and a late bye. I think we’ve been fortunate to have that the last few years. I’m sure at some point in my career, I won’t, but it has been nice to have that early. It is tough on a short week, but getting that ten-day break is a benefit.”

(On if he got a chance to unplug on his break last week)
“Yeah, I took a couple of days off on the weekend. I was able to hang out and just relax, not think about football for a couple of days.”

(On if he watched the 49ers’ vs. Browns on Monday night)
“They played well, they are playing really well right now, especially up front defensively. They are coming off the ball well and that D-line is playing with a different type of energy and on the back end they are really good. At linebacker, I always thought (49ers Lcool smiley Kwon Alexander and (49ers Lcool smiley Fred Warner are great players. I think even last year as a young player, Warner was really picking it up quickly and was a lot better from week-to-week, the first time we played them, the second time we played them. All guys have to be aware of and they do a good job.”

(On the 49ers play up front defensively and how the rams can counter it)
“Just be ourselves, just block like we do and do everything we’ve done over the last few years and continue to improve and get better. We’ve played a lot of good D-lines and this will be another one. We will be ready for the challenge.”

(On if he feels any extra pressure to take care of the ball against the 49ers defense)
“Yeah, you always want to take care of the ball. I think you do know that they are opportunistic and do a good job of forcing those fumbles and turnovers. At the same time, just be yourself. I’ve been trying to take care of the ball better in the last few games. I think I have. Just continue to try to be better and do my best.”

(On finding TE Gerald Everett on off-schedule plays)
“Me and him have a pretty good rapport off-schedule. When I get outside the pocket, he has a good feel of space and has a good idea of subconsciously knowing where people are. He does a good job of that. I was able to find him on that one where I kind of threw back across my body a little bit. He just does a good job of that. It’s innate in him and it’s been exciting to see.”

(On his opinion on the NFC West)
“It’s pretty good, we’ve got some good teams here. We’ve got to win some games and compete with these guys, and expect to and this will be a big one for us”

(On his attitude on throwing so much and if it will even out)
“Yeah, I’m sure it will. Obviously as a quarterback you love throwing the ball, but you do know – especially in the NFL – it’s not the best recipe for success to be throwing it so many times. It usually means your down in games, and it’s not the way you want it to go, but it’s the way the games have been dictated the last two weeks. Part of what we have to do. Obviously, moving forward we don’t want to throw the ball 50 times every game, but if that’s what happens, and that’s the way we have to do it, I’m good with it.”

(On San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan saying he is one of the more underrated quarterbacks in the NFL and what he thinks about that)
“Thanks (49ers Head Coach) Kyle (Shanahan) (laughs). I don’t care. Most of the people doing ratings aren’t in the building. They can do that, but thank you Kyle. I appreciate it. I think you’re one of the more underrated coaches (laughs).”

(On watching film of the 49ers and if there are similarity between offenses)
“There is a lot of crossover. I haven’t spent much time watching their offense. There is some crossover. I think Kyle did a great job. I think he’s done a great job over the last few years and putting them in good situations even without (49ers Qcool smiley Jimmy (Garoppolo) last year. I think he’s a tremendous coach and does a great job. They do come from a similar family of offenses, but there are a lot of different wrinkles that they do that we don’t do and vice versa.”

(On if there is added pressure to win this game knowing that the division is better than it was the last couple years)
“Not because of that. I think we want to win every game. We go into every game trying to win. I think especially a division game. That’s where the pressure lies. It is a division game and we want to go out and win. No, I don’t think it has anything to do with everyone else’s record.”

(On the Richard Sherman and Baker Mayfield fiasco and if he plans to shake Sherman’s hand before the game)
“I usually do and expect to this week, Yeah.”

(On what makes 49ers CB Richard Sherman so good at this stage in his career)
“He’s just so smart. He’s a really smart player. I think he’s had the issue with the Achilles in the past and I right now you see him fully healthy doing his thing. He’s a great player. He’s always been a great player. Again, I think he’s just so smart and you can tell the way he reads patterns and understands offense and understands how we’re trying to attack a defense. Makes it tough on us.”



TRANSCRIPT: 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan - Conference Call - October 9, 2019

(On the difference that has allowed San Francisco’s defense to create takeaways this season)
“I think we’ve added a couple pretty good pass rushers, which has helped. I think we’ve gotten healthier, I think it’s our third year playing together. We’ve had a lot of guys who got a lot of playing time early on, who I think now – guys like (Lcool smiley Fred Warner who got thrown in early as a rookie, guys like (Ccool smiley Ahkello Witherspoon who got thrown in pretty early. We have guys who have gotten a lot of playing time through this. Then, adding some of these difference makers that we’ve added and just growing as a scheme, too. Our coaches have been together for some time. It’s (Defensive Coordinator Robert) Saleh doing it with this group for the third year. It’s kind of all come together for those guys.”

(On what the key will be to defeating the Rams on Sunday)
“It always starts with turnovers. The last two times we played them, I feel like the game’s almost been over before halftime. You come in and turn the ball over, whether it’s been interceptions, fumbles, blocked punt, it’s been tough to just get in a normal game to compete. We’ve got to start out fast and make this a game. Hopefully we find a way to win it at the end.”

(On the challenges against the Rams’ defensive front without T Mike McGlinchey and T Joe Staley)
“It’s always tough. Whatever front, when you’re down to your fourth and fifth guys, it’s always tough versus any defense that you go against. Obviously, when you play the Rams, it’ll be a huge challenge. But, it is part of football – guys are out all the time. I know the Rams have some of their guys out, too. It is a challenge when you do that, especially losing ‘Jus’ (FB Kyle Juszczyk), also. But, it’s part of football – at least it won’t be for the whole year. Next guy up – (OL Justin) Skule’s been doing it here the last two weeks and now (OL Daniel) Brunskill will get a chance to play. He did a good job in the preseason – he’s got to play probably about 10 plays here over the last two games, so he’s been out there. He’s going to get to play a lot more this Sunday.”

(On what has appeared different about the Rams’ running game this season)
“I don’t think much seems different. They’re running the same type runs, they’ve got some similar people – at least with the backs. I know a couple of linemen have changed, but I don’t think they’ve had to do it as much. They’re throwing the ball very well – they’ve been relying on that a little bit more. We all know how good their running game is, how good their O-line is and how good their backs are. Even though they haven’t done the numbers in this first half of the season like they have in the last two years, that isn’t something that’s going to go away. They can do it at any time and you’ve just got to be ready for it.”

(On his impression of Rams QB Jared Goff)
“I’m a huge (Rams Qcool smiley Jared Goff fan. He’s one of the more underrated quarterbacks in this league. I think he’s as accurate as anyone – he reminds me a lot of (former Texans Qcool smiley Matt Schaub when I had him in Houston. I think Goff has done a great job. I think he’s one of the reasons they were in the Super Bowl last year and I think he’s one of the reasons they’re playing at a very high level this year.”

(On what he’s seen from 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo now that he’s received consistent playing time)
“It’s just been nice to go through the season with him (49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo) so far. To come in his rookie year just at the end of the year when we were 1-9 – to play those last five games, which was kind of a little bit different, a little crazy. Then, to come back the next year and he tore his ACL in the third game. Now, for him to come back and get four games in a row – it’s been fun. I wanted to really go through a whole season with him last year, where you could go through those ups and downs as a starting quarterback goes through, because he never got to go through a season as a starting quarterback. Now, he’s four games into it. He’s done a lot of good things and he’s getting better each week. Hopefully we can continue to protect him and he’ll continue to get better.”

(On if this Sunday’s game has more juice than other regular season games)
“I think any time you play someone in the division, it’s got a little bit more juice than outside the division. This is our first divisional game, so we’re excited about that. We haven’t done a good job in our division these last two years and we definitely want to change that. To do that against a team like the Rams, who really have dominated these last two years, would be a very good start for us.”

(On what it would mean to have a rebirth of the Rams vs. 49ers rivalry and his family living in San Francisco during the rivalry)
“I think they moved to St. Louis when I was here, I think. We left in ‘94, I think I was there when they just went to St. Louis, I want to say. It was a big deal. The Niners at that time, in that three-year span were a lot better during that time. It was (Rams Former Rcool smiley Jerome Bettis’s last couple of years with the Rams and stuff. (Rams Former WR) Flipper Anderson who I was a big fan of. Those NFC West days were pretty cool back in the day. Hopefully we can get that rivalry coming back. I know there is a rivalry, but it’s been a little bit one sided. I know we are getting closer. I’m excited about the team that we’ve got now and I’m excited to matchup on Sunday.”

(On if he’s looking forward to playing the Rams this year Garoppolo)
“I look forward to playing the Rams every time we get a chance to. I know they are a good team and it’s always a challenge for us, but no. I’ve been in the NFL for a while and we’ve played against a lot of teams. I know that the Rams have been at the top of our division these two years and have had two great years. We are trying to get to where they’ve been. I know it’s a big challenge for us this week. Everyone is talking about our record, but we are four games into the season. It’s only four games in which doesn’t mean much. It’s our first game in, the division and the best way to get to the playoffs is to win your division. That starts on Sunday.”

(On what his assessments are of the NFC West teams)
“It’s a tough one. I think all four teams got players, all four teams got good coaching staffs. There are four good quarterbacks. There is some pretty good players on everyone’s defense on all four teams. It’s a tough division. I think it’s going to be a tough division for a while.”

(On what the advantage is of having three running backs who can make a huge play)
“We went through four running backs last year, so the more backs that you have the better. It’s tough to keep backs healthy in this league. There have been times that you could go with just one and they can do all right. We’ve had four backs who we believe in a lot, who have all got a little bit different attributes, all of them can run pretty good. All those guys have done a pretty good job for us when their number has been called. It’s kind of hard to pick which one, because all of them do such a good job. It’s a good problem for us to have.”

(On what he attributes having the No. 1 rushing offense in the NFL to)
“Just the commitment by the whole team. Our receivers, to me, block as well as any receivers in the league. Our O-line and how physical they are, I think we have the best blocking tight ends also. Our Quarterback, the challenge we put on him to get us in and out of certain looks. And, how good our defense has been doing getting us the ball back a lot, getting us those turnovers and we’ve been better on third down this year. We still need to improve on it, but it’s hard to run the ball if you don’t stay on the field. In order to run the ball, you’ve got to make some big passes too. I think we’ve done a better job at that so far.”

(On how much of a priority was it bringing in RB Tevin Coleman and what he brings the team when he’s healthy)
“(49ers Rcool smiley Tevin (Coleman) we kind of just fell into it in free agency. We went the direction of running back the year before with (49ers Rcool smiley Jerick McKinnon. To go there two years in a row, we didn’t think was very realistic, but it ended up just working out for us when things have fell through. Tevin reaching out to us and just worked out for him and it worked out for us. We didn’t plan on having that opportunity when it started and we ended up getting it a couple of days into it. Obviously, we were pumped up. It was a huge bonus to get and Jerick didn’t end up healing the way he or us were hoping he would. He had to redo his surgery, so it ended up being a blessing. I loved Tevin coming out of college. I loved him my two years in Atlanta and I love having him here as a 49er.”

(On if he expects the Rams to continue to throw as much as they have)
“They seem to get about 500 yards every game and almost 40 points every game, so it seems like regardless how they do it, to me, it doesn’t matter. Whether you’re throwing it or running it, it’s just good offense. They have the scheme and they have the players to do either one. That’s what the goal is as an offense. If you can keep throwing it you throw it, until someone stops you. When they stop the pass, usually it opens up holes in the run game. I’m sure it will balance out a little bit more for them as the year goes, like it does for most people. I don’t see that as a negative for them, I see that as a positive. They are hard to deal with in the pass game and everyone knows how good they’ve been at running the ball and how good their backs can be.”


  TRANSCRIPTS: Rams Head Coach Sean McVay, Pass Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach Shane Waldron, QB Jared Goff - Media Availability - October 9, 2019

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