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A few general thoughts after the Panther game...

September 11, 2019 08:02AM
Yeah, Goff was rusty, but that rust is gonna be gone quickly. Not worried at all.

This “new” RB tandem of Gurley/Brown looks to be both very effective AND sustainable through the playoffs. That’s beyond huge.

You just know that McVay is itching to get some snaps for Henderson, too.

I thought that the OL exceeded expectations for a first game together. I’m particularly impressed by how they kept improving throughout the game. That Ram 2nd half run game was devastating.

Higbee played well, but Everett needs to step it up. McVay’s TE strategy is a work in progress.

Reynolds in the 4 WR sets was underwhelming. McVay will probably keep tinkering with his 10 personnel groupings because he wants to have a sharp unit available for when needed against certain opposing D schemes, I guess. Stay tuned.

Fowler is off to a great start. Will he be a Ram next year? Looking good for him in horns after this debut, huh?

Littleton is a lock for Ram extension. Bank it. So versatile and a tremendous playmaker.

I want to see more pressure from Matthews outside. If he can’t provide it then they should reduce his snaps there and give Obo/Patrick/Ebu some opportunities. C’mon...

Brockers had a quiet game. What’s up with him?

SJD had a quiet game, too. What i’m Trying to say is what the heck is going on with our run D? Give Gaines a few snaps, Wade! Geez...

Our CB’s were a sorta mixed bag, kinda. Meaning, I saw missed tackles from both Talib and Peters. Heck, MP almost looked like he wanted to avoid contact. OTOH, Newton had his problems completing many passes. Brees, however, will be a whole different thing.

Our Safeties, as a group, are looking beastly. Too bad about Weddle’s injury, but he’ll be back for the Saints. JJ looking like a Pro Bowler and Rapp had a helluva first game.

Coach Fassel’s various ST units had a forgettable game, no doubt. But does anyone doubt that coach will make the proper corrections? Me neither.

My biggest takeaways:

Our O is gonna be better than in ‘18, and maybe by a significant amount. I expect really big things from this OL, for starters. Overall RB production, too. What the Rams did to a quality front 7 in the second half was very impressive.

D is still a work in progress on our front 7, I’m afraid. Interior DL (SJD) and Edge opposite Fowler were not really good enough in this first game. And a similar effort against the Saints will not be pretty to watch.

But I do have a ton of confidence in these coaches and fully expect a much less “rusty” game by the Rams. If that happens then the Rams will be tough to beat at home.

  A few general thoughts after the Panther game...

Rams43315September 11, 2019 08:02AM

  Matthews was hurt

stlramz184September 11, 2019 08:50AM

  Re: Matthews was hurt

Rams43139September 11, 2019 09:22AM

  I watched him on the sidelines....

roman18120September 11, 2019 10:39AM