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What Saints fans are saying...

September 11, 2019 06:24AM

Saints @ Rams / What say you?

Still some time before Sunday's kickoff, so what's on your mind about facing off with these L.A. Rams?

For me ... I know it will be a four quarter brawl because yes, the Rams have a pretty decent team. We're playing them on a short week of rest (their not), and we have to spend a day traveling to L.A. I don't like that we will again be without Sheldon Rankins. If you remember he missed the last game and were not nearly as stout across the D line without him. So, these things plus whatever other factors have us sitting at 2.5 point dogs last time I checked. But, in the end, we Saints fans all know were the better team and we can and should definitely beat these guys if we play our game and defend every blade of grass like I know we will.

I'm looking forward to watching "especially these Saints" focused in on beating down the "chosen ones" that Roger Goodell and his incompetent Refs were so adamant (that they would do whatever was necessary) to send to the Super Bowl just 8 short months ago.

Payton, Brees, Kamari, Thomas, T. Hill, Cook, Lutz, Armstead, Ramczyk, Murray, Ginn, D. Harris, Morestead, Jordan, Davis, Davenport, Onyemata, Hendrickson, Lattimore, Apple, Bell, Anzalone, and all the rest to of course!

Roll Saints! Who Dat!
Just like the year following the Minneapolis Miracle, the Saints got revenge on the Vikings on SNF. This year following the No Call, the Saints will once again have their vengeance.
I am worried about our secondary when 26 is in there. he gets targeted every time.
I think the short week, traveling to LA and the drain of last night's game will be a lot to overcome. If the Saints lose, I'll understand why. If they win, it will be very impressive.
I say we better improve on D. We all know this will be a backyard brawl. Buckle up!

We also know the tailgate with the WhoDats in LA will be going off! WhoDat!
Just hope we start off by running the ball a little more
Cooper Kupp being available this time around is an issue for us, I think. How we manage that, along with how well we limit Gurley/Brown's ability to dictate the run/pass, will be telling.

Offensively for us, always interested to see what Wade comes up with.
I know they say they're over the no call but you know that's not 100% true. We will be playing with high emotions and coupled with the fact that A LOT of Who Dats are traveling to this game, I think they will feed off that and I think we will win. It will be a close one but the team doesn't have quit in them and they will find a way to win.

I'm actually a little surprised this morning to see that the line is at 2.5 -3 points as a Rams favorite. So neutral field this would be an even matchup or even Saints favored slightly. I was expecting 3.5 favorite for Rams after our defensive performance.

I think the schedule (short week) and the emotional roller coaster that was Monday night played into the hands of the Rams. I still think we have a really good chance to win but this game is going to be as close to a playoff atmosphere as you can get in a week 2 game. If we survive it and get a W then you can say that this team is already battle tested only halfway through the first quarter of the season.
Jared Goff aint Deshaun for one thing although the Rams will still pass on us. they arent as explosive.
Goff is a pretty good QB when you can't apply pressure. With a solid pass rush though he becomes pedestrian at best. That is the key to the game IMO.
It would surprise me if SP hasn't looked at last year's SB film to see what the Pats did to them to get some insight to slow them down.
(Quoting the short week take)

Emotional victories are a thing. They're draining to a team for some reason, and usually results in coming out flat in the next game.

We can't sleep walk in the first half against the high powered Rams, or we will be playing catch up the whole game. That turns into one of those "too little, too late" games. Falling short on the score board.

Hopefully since its the beginning of the season and they're fresh, it's not too draining on the Saints. Probably need two turnovers in this game to grab a victory.
My guess is that Sean has saved a few wrinkles for this game. I think the Saints will be fired up for revenge. Hopefully that is enough to overcome the short week and travel.
(Quoting getting pressure on Goff)
I think a well-rested David Onyemata might having something to say on the matter.
We have to go into this one with low expectations. The league office really really wants us to lose. It was hard enough to survive another ref mistake playing at home. We know there will be mistakes this week too.

  What Saints fans are saying...

Rams43296September 11, 2019 06:24AM

  "chosen ones"... bahahahahahaha...

sstrams111September 11, 2019 07:00AM

  What do they say about this? Attachments

stlramz139September 11, 2019 07:06AM