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September 10, 2019 08:35AM
sure acted like he was dinged to me, agree.

Now this next I'm NOT presenting as evidence AT ALL... of anything to do with our topic... it's just an observation on how people react to injury that I found interesting.. and this occurred DURING the injury, while he remained seated on the field.

When they sat him up Weddle had a 'glazed' look that seemed to me to be so obvious that I wasn't sure he was conscious even though in the sitting position. I remember thinking that clearly... he wasn't responding to anything, that I could see.... and THEN...

He replied to a question that was asked of him, (no idea what the question was or who asked it)... and INSTANTLY the glazed look disappeared and he seemed to me to respond perfectly naturally.. no glazed look at all and quick to respond. I remember thinking, "That's odd". Here I thought he was in la-la land and when he responded to the question asked of him GONE... wide awake, perfectly coherent...

Now again... I'm not saying that as proof of ANYTHING... just saying how surprised I was at his reaction... both the 'glazed' one and what seemed to me the 'post-glazed' reaction. - JamesJM

  Weddle injury

CraigMatson517September 10, 2019 05:46AM

  Re: Weddle injury

Rampage2K-142September 10, 2019 05:53AM

  Re: Weddle injury

CraigMatson110September 10, 2019 06:05AM

  I'm not sure...

JamesJM91September 10, 2019 06:11AM

  Re: I'm not sure...

MamaRAMa74September 10, 2019 06:23AM

  That doesn't confuse me..

JamesJM70September 10, 2019 06:28AM

  Definitely a concussion

promomasterj91September 10, 2019 07:57AM

  Agree with that except for two things...

JamesJM77September 10, 2019 08:04AM

  This article seems to point to it

promomasterj68September 10, 2019 08:23AM


JamesJM43September 10, 2019 08:35AM

  Re: Agree with that except for two things...

CraigMatson23September 10, 2019 06:51PM

  Re: Agree with that except for two things...

CraigMatson15September 10, 2019 07:06PM

  Re: Weddle injury

3030176September 10, 2019 06:11AM

  Yup, that's possible...

JamesJM110September 10, 2019 06:13AM

  Re: Yup, that's possible...

Ekern5529September 10, 2019 07:54PM