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doesn't work like that

July 10, 2019 07:09AM
let TG be...It will be what it will be!!
I don't mind seeing the rookie Henderson anyway.

Even if TG has to retire...we'll draft a replacement and it will work out.

You have all these different venues, and they have their assignments at different points in the year. Think of all the regular sports outlets, plus fantasy, and so on.

Every single one of them will have to do a "state of the Rams" or "state of the NFC west" and "best running backs" article at a certain point. In effect they're all doing more or less the same things--which is typical and normal.

Espn is not going to go, wait we can't mention Gurley, Sports Illustrated already did that.

Naw they all have to raise the same issues when they discuss the Rams. To not mention the questions surrounding Gurley would be unprofessional incompetence or negligence.

What's really happening is you are tired of hearing it.

Okay. cool smiley

But analysts can't NOT bring it up. Whether we like it or not.

AND. No one is saying TG has to "retire." Arthritic knees don't work that way. Faulk had a superbowl season in 2001 with a knee worse than Gurley's is now.


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  Todd Gurley remains biggest question during Rams offseason

RamBill135July 09, 2019 08:10PM

  this is just mind numbingly boring to keep bringing this up....

SunTzu_vs_Camus56July 10, 2019 03:09AM

  I couldn't agree more

RockRam50July 10, 2019 03:59AM

  doesn't work like that

zn54July 10, 2019 07:09AM

  Todd Gurley gives an update on knee before camp

RamBill71July 10, 2019 05:15AM