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FootballOutsiders: 2018 Adjusted QB interceptions

June 11, 2019 04:29AM
Interesting analysis they do annually. This is basically them going back to get a better 'real INT rate' where things like Hail Mary interceptions and interceptions tipped off receivers' hands don't count, but dropped INTs by the defense or those knocked away by a receiver to prevent an INT do. Also eliminates any spiked passes from how they calculate INT percentage.

Interesting that Goff had 3 Hail Mary INTs among his 12 last year (most in the league), but also 9 dropped INTs (tied for 2nd most- Mahomes and Carr had 10 each), giving him 18 'adjusted interceptions.'

His actual INT rate (2.1%) was tied for 15th in the league among these 34 QBs, while his adjusted INT rate (3.2%) was 22nd.

Adjusted Interceptions 2018

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  FootballOutsiders: 2018 Adjusted QB interceptions

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