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The draft network Analyst's Reports on EDGE/LB Landis Durham

May 15, 2019 09:32AM
video: [www.youtube.com]

EDGE, Texas A&M

CONF SEC JERSEY #46 CLASS Senior HT 6'3'' DOB N/A WT 255 lbs
Burst/Arc Speed - Adequate burst off the ball when he times up the snap. First step is occasionally late and will delay his jump off the snap. Short strider who does not gain ground quickly out of his stance. Lack of explosive traits are a concern.

Bend/Flexibility - Can dip the shoulder a little bit to corner, but overall this is an area of weakness. Tight in the hips and lacks the suddenness to drop his pads at full speed and work under most contact. Struggles to turn tight corners to the pocket and will often get ridden up the arc or swallowed up as he attempts to corner.

Hand Usage - Excellent cross-chop and shoulder dip combo to trim the edge. Will utilize snatches, rips and push-pulls to create a softer edge. Understands how to work his hands and comes off the ball with a plan of attack. Attacks his opponent's outside arm and will time up his swipes to connect. Just wish his hands were more sudden and powerful.

Counter Moves/Rush Variety - Attempts to deploy counter moves in a logical fashion, but simply can't sell speed up the arc enough to work back underneath. Lacks the quickness to change directions and beat a tackle back inside across his face. Struggles mightily to disengage when his edge rush is shut down. Lack of great physical tools shows up when trying to use power to set up a second move. Does not convert speed-to-power.

Run Defense - Super disappointing aspect of his evaluation. Gets engulfed by longer, more physical blockers and is often knocked several yards off the ball. Lack of physical traits again show up against longer, more powerful opponents. Gap integrity is weak and is often widened or bullied out of his assigned spot. Technique is good to get his hands inside and get arms extended, but lacks the length to really keep his frame clean or disengage to make stops in his gaps. Has to be quicker and more violent with his hand work in the run game.

Tackling/Finishing - Typically gets his man on the ground in 1v1 situations. Lacks the tackle radius to finish outside his frame consistently. Tight-hipped in space and doesn't have the change of direction skills to corral more elusive runners.

Mental Processing/Vision - Slow to find the ball in the run game. Needs to play with more urgency to identify concepts and work to the ball quicker. Vision as a pass rusher is very good, waits for his opponent's punch and then attacks it with a few go-to moves. Can stand to be a little quicker at identifying oversets and working inside moves.

Scheme Versatility - Has some experience dropping into zone coverage from a 2-point stance on the edge, but doesn't possess the traits to project to that role in the NFL. Scheme fit could be tricky given his lack of size for a defensive end, but inability to fill versatile roles as a standup outside linebacker.

Competitive Toughness - Wish the motor ran hotter at times, can be lackadaisical in pursuit from the backside. Generally plays hard and won't back down physically from his opponent.

Athleticism/Size - Lacks typical length, height and weight for the position, and it shows on a regular basis. Would be very surprised if he hit even average athletic thresholds when weight-adjusted at the Combine.

BEST TRAIT - Hand Usage

WORST TRAIT - Athleticism/Size

BEST FILM - Kentucky (2018)

WORST FILM - Alabama (2018)


Landis Durham has been a productive pass rusher for Texas A&M over his career, but the traits and skill needed to translate that success to the NFL do not appear to be present. Despite his impressive array of rush moves and pass rush technique, Durham's lack of size, athleticism, burst and bend will hold him back significantly against more talented competition. He's also a poor run defender who is too easily bullied off the ball. Finding the right scheme could be tough for Durham, but his best case scenario is probably landing a gig as a rotational pass rusher on third downs for a team without great depth on the edge.

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  77 is Hitner, not 67................................nm

idaram134May 10, 2019 09:31PM

  Hitner doesn't look to good in his highlights ....

SunTzu_vs_Camus149May 11, 2019 06:52AM

  The draft network Analyst's Reports on EDGE/LB Landis Durham

Rams Junkie119May 15, 2019 09:32AM

  FWIW 2018 Zierlein Durham ahead of Winovich, Pauline 3rd-rounder

Rams Junkie106May 15, 2019 09:50AM

  DT Owen "Boogie" Roberts (6'2" 289 lbs) dabbled as a short-yardage back

Rams Junkie86May 17, 2019 11:12AM

  Re: Rams like em' BIG !

oldschoolramfan148May 11, 2019 06:30AM

  Re: Rams like em' BIG !

idaram133May 11, 2019 08:22AM

  I kinda like this "Fort" Sumpter kid....

SunTzu_vs_Camus184May 11, 2019 06:57AM

  Re: I kinda like this "Fort" Sumpter kid....

oldschoolramfan123May 15, 2019 10:04AM

  Re: Rams UDFA: WR Justin Sumpter (6'3" 217 lbs)

Scottish Ram107May 18, 2019 01:53AM

  Re: Cut

BumRap115May 18, 2019 06:37PM

  Re: Dropped like a bad habit.

oldschoolramfan97May 18, 2019 08:06PM