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Love watching these guys at press conferences

April 27, 2019 06:19AM
They talk in code, like all FO people do. But they actually provide more substantive answers than most. McVay is the anti-Belichik when it comes to answering questions.

OK, so who knows about Lance Dunbar? More than once they said, well there was something they want at RB that they tried to get from Dunbar, and now they see whatever that is in Henderson. While at one point McVay almost admits that they may need to manage touches for TG, they mostly just keep using the phrase "Change of pace" and saying that Henderson brings some unique skills as a playmaker. So, experts, what does DH have that TG does not, and that they want in the RB room so badly?

At one point Snead as good as said that Rapp would have been a first rounder if he had ran the 40 faster, and that they felt he might have been running hurt at the combine. But they also emphasized and I believe, that they liked his instincts and his football speed more than straight line speed anyway. Based on what they said, I think we may see a lot of 3 safety defenses this year and that Wade really likes this kid as a chess piece. Perhaps the lack of a LB pick is based on them planning to play Rapp in a hybrid role a lot.

The other two they had less interesting things to say - but essentially, they are solid players at their positions. With the OT envisioned as a primary backup at both T and G for this year.

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RamBill199April 26, 2019 07:36PM

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RamBill117April 26, 2019 08:23PM

  Love watching these guys at press conferences

RantoulRam64April 27, 2019 06:19AM

  What is the deal with Les Snead's nose?

RantoulRam139April 27, 2019 06:20AM


SunTzu_vs_Camus66April 27, 2019 06:24AM

  Re: What is the deal with Les Snead's nose?

LSURAM66April 27, 2019 06:37AM

  McVay sometimes looks like a kid

ferragamo7946April 27, 2019 06:54AM