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a little Lafleur/Packers aside......

April 15, 2019 05:16AM
I know it's just a minor thing but the power struggle with Rogers vs whomever is the play caller will be a tenuous one. imo

For the NFL game, I really hope the Packers and the staff really get along and do well...however, puttin LaFleur with Rogers' strong personality is kinda scary to me....scary for the HC most of all. imo I think Rogers knows he's the Alpha - atop the food chain in GreenBay and is only just putting up with any new HC...especially a young one that's very inexperienced - as LaFleur is.

Consider this paragraph from an interview with LaFleur yesterday....notice how many times in just one paragraph that LaFleur asserts his role/dominance as the "play-caller"!!!! It's a little obvious LaFleur doth declare too much...
article link
"That relationship is critical, and it's not necessarily because I'm the head coach-it's because I'm the play-caller," LaFleur told Breer. "You have to develop relationships with everyone in that building. But when it comes to Aaron, it's so critical, because I'm the play-caller. And so anytime you're the play-caller, you better have a relationship with that quarterback. I do believe this, and I've said it from Day 1 -- it's a partnership."

Uh-Huh..."you keep talking, Butch....that's what yer good at"

Now, make no mistake, I am PURELY speculatin...that's all...with no basis to comment other than observing human nature(which my wife will tell you, I am very bad at). It may mean nuthin...or it may be a little insecurity on LaFleur's part...whatever...it just doesn't look too good.

"L'audace, l'audace. Toujours l'audace!"

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  a little Lafleur/Packers aside......

SunTzu_vs_Camus275April 15, 2019 05:16AM

  Re: a little Lafleur/Packers aside......

bigjimram2159April 15, 2019 06:04AM

  Re: a little Lafleur/Packers aside......

cool_hand_luke52April 15, 2019 07:53AM

  I do think it's asking a rookie HC a lot to coach a Rodger's led team

RockRam52April 15, 2019 09:05AM

  yep, that's my thinkin to RR.....

SunTzu_vs_Camus40April 15, 2019 09:56AM

  Re: yep, that's my thinkin to RR.....

zn45April 15, 2019 10:33AM

  Wondered if he might circle back like Josh McDaniels did but

Rams Junkie40April 15, 2019 11:08AM