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I think it was 9 wins...

April 14, 2019 08:54PM
that was probably the issue.

I think the Rams overachieve. I would have said the Rams were a 10 win team before and after the 2018 season.

Things that surprised me:
How good Goff had become. Night and day from 2017... Hope he keeps improving. I think he still has a ways to go before he's an elite QB.
How bad the OL and the offense fell apart when the running game wasn't working.
How bad the defense was.
The Rams made it to the SB... and the offense tanked. Wish I could get over it.

The one question I have is how important is Kupp? The team had some rough games without him... but was that more due to a gimpy Gurley?

I didn't find 2018 as much fun as most. Mostly because of the defense but there was other stuff too.

  Frieland has Rams 12-4 Top Seed in NFC

Rampage2K-244April 14, 2019 03:39PM

  Re: Last year she got destroyed on this board lol

Speed_Kills101April 14, 2019 04:50PM

  I'll be consistent

EternalHorns119April 14, 2019 04:54PM

  Re: I'll be consistent

Rampage2K-65April 14, 2019 06:58PM

  Re: Yeah I don't know why she had us at 9 wins last year

Speed_Kills39April 15, 2019 11:03AM

  Niners 9-7 Hawks 8-8 Cards 4-12

Rampage2K-56April 14, 2019 07:07PM

  I think it was 9 wins...

Atlantic Ram41April 14, 2019 08:54PM

  Re: Last year she got destroyed on this board lol

PHDram52April 15, 2019 03:43AM

  Re: and rightly so <nm>

merlin18April 15, 2019 10:15AM