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Renewing a run down area always comes with consequences.

April 14, 2019 02:17PM
Inglewood has not been the most desirable zip code for quite some time.
The Rams building the Stadium there is a God send for the coffers of the city.
But...... of course when an area gets renewed, cheaper anything is a thing of the past.

I don't have answers as to what to do with folks who can't make ends meet and now their rents have sky rocketed. Actually the new higher rents simply reflect more the norm that the average Southern Californian is paying, but Landlords couldn't get it in Inglewood before now. But I promise you this: rent control will do nothing but exacerbate the problem. And artificially finding ways for a certain group of people to get around the huge cost of living that is California will be very short lived. This is the way it has worked pretty much everywhere it has ever been tried.

Of course, I notice no mention of the unconscionably high California Taxes and cost of living that have everything to do with affordability of housing and anything else for that matter. Gas that's a dollar per gallon higher than most anywhere else in the USA. Menu prices that rival NYC. Larger chunks of your paycheck confiscated by the State. There is no such thing as "affordable" housing in the metro areas; you have to go to rural areas like the Imperial Valley to find that. Of course, unemployment is over 20% there and about the only work is to be a prison guard or work the fields.

I'm afraid that what is happening is an inevitable result of decades of poor planning and nearly unrestrained growth at any cost. And believe me, if Inglewood was given a second bite at this apple, they'd do it all over again because without other peoples' money to spend from tax collections, politicians don't know how to exist. As always, those on the fringes of society and income will be the ones who pay a price and it won't be any different here. So yes, for those particular folks, harder times are ahead for them and it is sad.

  Rams new stadium and gentrification

waterfield307April 14, 2019 01:14PM

  Renewing a run down area always comes with consequences.

RockRam100April 14, 2019 02:17PM

  Heads, I win. Tails, you lose.

EternalHorns67April 14, 2019 05:01PM

  Re: Heads, I win. Tails, you lose.

zn50April 14, 2019 09:44PM