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Deadpool's Top 10 List by Position - Defense

April 11, 2019 10:18AM
These are my final positional rankings. Some of these guys (especially the LBers) could end up on 2 or 3 lists. I put them where I personally like them the best.

I put this is in a separate post from my Big Board to make it easier to ask and answer questions, but if the admins want to join them, I do not care.

I will put my own thoughts under each position as far as depth and what I think of some of the prospects.

The # in the parenthesis is the overall rank of the player in regards to the big board.

This is not a projective list. I am not projecting where players will get picked. I am scoring players and then sorting them high score to low score, tiebreakers go to my personal feeling.


1. (2) Quinnen Williams - IDL - Alabama - 6'-3" 303 lbs. - Explosive, with a great first step, nice lateral mobility and a high end motor. No glaring weaknesses.

2 (5) Christian Wilkins - IDL -Clemson - 6'-3" 315 lbs. - Another quick, penetrating DT with added size to hold his own against the run. I didn't see a player with better pad level then Wilkins. Ultra high character from all reports.

3 (7) Jeffery Simmons - IDL - Mississippi State - 6'-3" 301 lbs. - Graded strictly on on-field play. A quick, penetrating DT, best suited for a 1 gap scheme. A punisher when he gets home.

4. (11) Ed Oliver - IDL - Houston - 6'-2" 287 lbs. - Ultra athletic with enough strength to force the issue against the pass and the run. Lives in opposing backfields. 1 gap 3 tech.

5. (27) Dexter Lawrence - IDL - Clemson - 6'-5" 342 lbs.- A true NT that can dictate the LoS against the run and has rare athleticism for a man his size to press the gaps as a pass rusher. Immediate 2 down starter.

6. (38) Charles Omenihu - IDL - Texas - 6'-5" 280 lbs. - great length with a great get off, really put pressure on offensive lineman with his blend of size, strength and athleticism. He was a DE, but if he grows a bit into that frame, he could be another penetrating 3 tech.

7. (70) Dre'Mont Jones - IDL - Ohio State - 6'-3" 281 lbs. - lack of an anchor against the run pushes him down the board, his burst, athletic ability and a nice changeup of pass rush moves gives him a place to rush the passer from the inside on passing downs.

8. (72) Daylon Mack - IDL - Texas A&M - 6'-1" 336 lbs. - Size, strength and surprising explosiveness. He's a NT that can anchor at the point of attack or use that 1st step to disrupt a gap. Not going to be a real pass rush threat.

9. (74) Gerald Willis - IDL - Miami - 6'-2" 302 lbs. - runs a bit hot and cold, but when hot he is tough to stop. has shown multiple pass moves, has decent get off at the snap and his power is decent for the position.

10. (77) Khalen Saunders - IDL - Western Illinois - 6'-0" 324 lbs. - Length is an issue, but he is a stout anchor with his built in leverage and strength. Has enough athletic ability to rush the passer, although its not his strong suit. Wore down in the games I saw. FCS level of competition.

Notes on the IDL prospects: Again, the top of this list is very good. First break point is after Omenihu. Speaking of Omenihu, I know he played DE and DT, but to me 3T seems like the position he will grow into considering he is already 280 lbs. at 21 years of age. I like how the list lined up, but i think I am too high on Jones. Note on Simmons, I do not include redflags or injuries when I score, so he is where he is, judge him as you will.


1. (1) Nick Bosa - EDGE - Ohio State - 6'-4" 266 lbs. - A kung fu fighter level expert with his hands, equally effective vs. run or pass. Polished skill set. immediate starter.

2. (3) Josh Allen - EDGE - Kentucky - 6'-5" 262 lbs. - Explosive, well oiled machine that can bend the edge and also drop into coverage effectively.

3. (8) Clelin Ferrell - EDGE - Clemson - 6'-4" 264 lbs. - Can play from a 2 or 3 point stance, has multiple pass rush moves and holds the edge against the run.

4. (12) Brian Burns - EDGE - Florida State - 6'p-5" 249 lbs. - Another twitchy, quick pass rusher that uses a variety of moves and angles to get to the QB. My top pure pass rusher. Not as strong against the run.

5. (13) Rashan Gary - EDGE - Michigan - 6'-4" 277 lbs. - Could play inside and out on the DL. Flashes crazy skill set at times, but hasn't had the stats to back it up.

6. (21) Montez Sweat - EDGE - Mississippi State - 6'-6" 260 lbs. - long and explosive, uses his hands well but lacks that flexibility to make him an elite pass rusher. At his best in a 3 point stance.

7. (32) Chase Winovich - EDGE - Michigan - 6'-3" 256 lbs. - Under-rated speed and athleticism, high motor and high IQ, sideline to sideline defender that can play the run and the pass, 3 down defender.

8. (48) D'Andre Walker - EDGE - Georgia - 6'-2" 251 lbs. - Stout against the run with a developing pass rush skill set, high motor, 1 year starter so room to grow.

9. (54) Christian Miller - EDGE - Alabama - 6'-3" 247 lbs. - tough and aggressive, more fluid than explosive, still fairly inexperienced as a starter, solid against the run. Love his upside.

10. (61) Zach Allen - EDGE - Boston College - 6'-4" 281 lbs. - another tough and aggressive run defender, high motor, high IQ. Enough experience to start day 1. 43 end from a 3 point stance.

Notes on Edge prospects: As noted many times over, this class is front end heavy, the first break point is after Winovich. If you want a contributer year 1, better get one by the end of the 2nd round. I like how my grading lined these guys up, I might be higher on Winovich, but after looking at his tape, he doesn't have many holes. He grades really well. Polite is a trainwreck. I do not include red flag stuff in my scoring, but made an exception for him. Congrats bonehead.


1. (4) Devin White -LB - LSU - 6'-0" 237 lbs. - ILB with sideline to sideline speed and finishes with a thump. Stout against the run and fluid enough in space for pass coverage.

2. (23) Devin Bush jr. - LB - Michigan - 5'-11" 234 lbs. - Another sideline to sideline playmaker at ILB, he plays with a high end motor and looks to finish. Strong against the pass and the run.

3. (34) Mack Wilson - LB - Alabama - 6'-1" 240 lbs. - Probably the top pass defender at LBer in the draft. Could play with more physicality against the run. Didn't play as instinctually as White or Bush.

4. (69) Vosean Joseph - LB - Florida - 6'-2" 230 lbs - a WLBer with side to side speed and the skill set to matchup with TEs or RBs in the passing game. Play strength and slow reaction at times is an issue, making him a 43 WLB only.

5. (82) Terrill Hanks - LB - New Mexico State - 6'-2" 242 lbs. - another 43 WILL. Plays faster then his timed speed and is a converted S. Coverage and range are his bread and butter, needs to get stronger (which shouldn't be an issue)

6. (98) Cameron Smith - LB - USC - 6'-2" 238 lbs. - ILB with the best instincts in the class. Solid run defender with excellent pursuit skills, a bit stiff which limits his pass coverage.

7. (102) Germaine Pratt - LB - NC State - 6'-3" 240 lbs. - Another S convert with good coverage skills, but is slow to process everything in front of him. I think he is best as a Will in the NFL.

8. (107) Joe Giles-Harris - LB - Duke - 6'-2" 234 lbs. - A stack and shed ILBer with some coverage ability. Won't wow you sideline to sideline, but makes up for it with excellent instincts and reaction times.

9. (109) Te'Von Coney - LB - Notre Dame - 6'-1" 234 lbs. - A between the tackles, tough, thumping gap filler. Athletic limitations make him a poor defender against the pass. ILB only, lacks the range to play outside.

10. (116) David Long - LB - West Virginia - 5'-11" 227 lbs. - a tweener Big nickel backer/ 43 Will backer. Good instincts with a bit of thump and ability to drop into coverage. Lacks the size to hold up well against the run or shed effectively.

Notes on LB prospects: For the first time ever I blended all LBers (not edge rushers) together as SSLBers are as rare as unicorns these days and ILBers and WILLs are interchangeable. Not as good a group as last year, 1st break point is probably after Bush Jr. maybe Wilson. I don't like how this list looks after Bush. I know I like Wilson way more then most, same with Smith, everyone else feels out of whack. Bad LBer draft for sure.


1. (10) Byron Murphy - CB - Washington - 5'-11" 190 lbs. - Physical, great ball skills, with an oily lower half, works in any coverage scheme and the smarts to play right away.

2. (28) Greedy Williams - CB - LSU - 6'-2" 185 lbs. -another big, fast (sub 4.4) Cb that plays with swagger. Fluid athlete and has good ball skills. Allergic to tackling and was a bit up and down this season. Legit #1 size, athleticism and skill set.

3. (31) DeAndre Baker - CB - Georgia - 5'-11" 193 lbs.- ball skills are tremendous, plays physically and with the swagger of a #1, not as fast you want in a #1. Works in a variety of schemes imo.

4. (40) Amani Oruwariye - CB - Penn State - 6'-2" 205 lbs. - sub 4.5 speed, and tested out of the gym at the combine. smooth athlete that plays up to his size. Works in any scheme.

5. (42) Rock Ya-Sin - CB - Temple - 6'-0" 192 lbs. - great name, good, not great speed and is a bit stiff in his movement, although its not something that hinders him too much. Physical and makes plays on the ball. man corner

6. (46) Julian Love - CB - Notre Dame - 5'-11" 195 lbs. - smooth, but not fast. Physical, with outstanding ball skills. Advanced footwork. I think he works in a variety of schemes.

7. (49) Trayvon Mullen - CB - Clemson - 6'-2" 199 lbs. - Grabby and inconsistant, but man are all the traits there to be a #1. Size, speed, and he doesn't shy away from contact. Press man seems like his best position.

8. (64) Justin Layne - CB - Michigan State - 6'-2" 192 lbs. - WR convert with ball skills that has some physicality to his game, but is going to need to be taught the finer points of being a CB.

9. (80) Joejuan Williams - CB - Vanderbilt - 6'-4" 211 lbs. - Really tall for a corner, but isn't as stiff as I imagined him. Add his physicality and you have a big press corner or a FS.

10. (91) David Long - CB - Michigan - 5'-11" 196 lbs. - Solid in a word. Solid speed, solid athletic profile, solid in his movement from the waist down. Nothing that wows you. An NFL weightroom is going to do him wonders.

Notes on the CB prospects: The 1st talent break point is after Mullen, although its not too bad. As a Rams fan, I would look long and hard at G. Williams, Baker, Oruwariye, Ya-Sin, Love, Mullen, J. Williams. Overall my list seems solid, but I have no idea what the NFL thinks of Layne.


1. (15) Chauncey Gardner-Johnson - S - Florida - 5'-11" 210 lbs. - A scheme transcendant FS that can play man, zone and even in the slot. A rare blend of instincts, range, speed and ball skills make him a versatile defender for a teams back end.

2. (24) Nasir Adderley - S - Delaware - 6'-0" 206 lbs. - Another swiss army knife FS that can play anywhere and comes with a CB background. Physical and not afraid of contact, sideline to sideline with ball skills. FCS competition isn't much of a concern.

3. (39) Taylor Rapp - S - Washington - 6'-0" 208 lbs. - a SS with ok range. He'll earn his paycheck playing closer to the LoS and being that extra run stopper. Physical with an edge.

4. (52) Juan Thornhill -S - Virginia- 6'-0" 205 lbs. - If your shopping for a ballhawk FS, here you go. On top of that, his combine testing was otherworldly. He doesn't play that explosively, but he has plenty of juice. Solid tackler.

5. (53) Deionte Thompson - S - Alabama - 6'-1" 195 lbs. - Another rangey FS, Like most Alabama defenders, he's aggressive. 1 year starter and his inexperience or instincts (not sure which) got him in trouble at times.

6. (56) Johnathan Abram - S - Mississippi State- 5'-11" 205 lbs. - A old school hammer dropping SS that sets the tone from the backend. Sideline to sideline with bad intentions. Lack of coverage ability drops him down in my book.

7. (76) Amani Hooker - S - Iowa - 5'-11" 210 lbs. - a SS with good range and excellent ball skills. Not bursty, but his intelligence and anticipation keep him in every play. Excellent tackler.

8. (88) Darnell Savage - S - Maryland - 5'-10" 198 lbs. - What I consider a combo safety that has excellent ball skills like a FS, yet plays a fast, aggressive thumping style that you expect from a SS. Can bite a bit too much and get over-aggressive at times, but I love his game.

9. (93) Marquise Blair - S - Utah - 6'-1" 195 lbs. - A nice size/speed S with an ultra-physical demeanor. Needs to clean up missed tackles and didn't make a ton of plays when the ball was in the air, but has all the tools. played some LBer which limited his coverage opportunities.

10. (112) Jaquan Johnson - S - Miami - 5'-10" 191 lbs. - A bit of a tweener, size of a FS, aggressiveness of a SS. Good range, but hasn't made a ton of plays on the ball. Does give you some scheme flexibility.

Notes on S prospects: I like how my list turned out grade-wise. I am starting to get a weird vibe with Savage in that he could sneak into the 1st round. Seems like every year 1 safety comes out of nowhere to get into day 1. He feels like that guy. Thompson could be in for a slide, but I don't watch every game on every guy, so his late season issues don't affect him as much for me. My later round favorite just missed the list in Will Harris.

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  Deadpool's Top 10 List by Position - Defense

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