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the truth about Brady

March 14, 2019 02:21PM
It is interesting to look at how competitive teams are after they pay their QBs big time money.

Ravens post Flacco contract have been mediocre at best. That, of course, is an outlier, but his contract is looking pretty standard now.

Brady is saving the Pats a ton on salary and this is what allows the Pats to compete for and usually win championships every year.

With the AD contract and the Gurley money spent, I am wondering what will happen to Goff? Will he be a Brady or a Flacco? (in regards to salary not talent).

Will Goff be a Saffold, replaced with a cheaper option? Will the QB market change in the next couple of years? Will the union fight for a salary max? The current situation is untenable and will have to change.

He cashed in big on his 2nd and 3rd contracts and in fact at one point was the highest paid played in the league.

Sometimes veterans after the 2nd or 3rd contract will give a hometown discount because they choose the team and circumstances as the top consideration.

But NO ONE sells a 2nd contract short. The 2nd contract is when the player cashes in, and says, now you're paying for my prime. Brady certainly didn't ask for less on his 2nd and 3rd contracts. He cashed in.

His cap number in 2018, a year when of course they won a superbowl, was 22 M. Brees was 24 M in 2018. The Saints made it to the championship game .


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  the truth about Brady

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